Nipsey Hussle’s Baby Mama Ready to Battle Over His Estate?


    nipsey hussle baby mama custody

    Nipsey Hussle’s baby mama, Tanisha Foster, is gearing up to object Nipsey’s brother Blacc Sam Asghedom being appointed the administrator of the late rapper’s $2 million estate. Sources report she may even ask to be appointed the administrator.

    A judge has already ruled that her daughter, Emani Asghedom, will remain in the care of Nipsey’s sister, Samantha Smith. And now, Tanish wants to execute her rights as Emani’s mom.

    “Under California law, Nipsey’s children would share equally in his estate. […] So, each would get around $1 million, less fees and taxes. Tanisha is fighting for custody of Emani, and if she’s successful, she would have some power in handling the money and would probably be entitled to use some of it to provide for the child.”


    1. Can’t believe his estate is only $2 million dollars. That seems really low. Either way, it’s all about the money. Greedy a$$ MFs.

    2. They are fighting over much more than 2 mil.

      They should’ve left this girl alone and worked it out cordially with her the way Nip was doing. Now that white folks know she mad, they about to find her the best attorney to clean up the 75 they got stashed.

      His sister made a super stupid fuccing move, tryin to be evil, shyt just backfired and she don’t even realize it. . Because that girl was chillin and not worried about his money until they dragged her in court and took custody when they could’ve just called her and came to some sort of agreement.

      But the trick is the judge only granted temporary which means all Tanesha got to do is get her life together by July. Rich white lawyers will make sure of that.

      Stupid Samantha Stupid.

      • Well since u know everything about every Cali artist then why did lil miss innocence tanisha lose her baby in the 1st place? Now tanisha wants to be on top of her game now that money is at stake. Her ratchet ass might even dust off that old suit n blouse in her closet to try and impress the judge 😂. But samantha’s the bad one because she cares more about her niece than her own mother.

        • She didn’t loose her baby yet and I don’t think she will the sister just wants to take this woman’ daughter trying to control the money which is sad Nipsey was taking care of his family and they want that money

        • she never lost custody that is a lie. She just let Emani stay at Nip place. because they had a whole family going on with siblings her age.

          Nipsey loved his babymama. Nipsey used to speak on his BM. Rap about her, she wore all his lastest stuff and he posted on Twitter about her. He never had anything negative to say about her publicly. Even though she used to be going off about hm.

          If he was that concerned about his funds, thought she was unfit, or she didn’t let him get there daughter freely, I’m sure he would’ve been dragged her to court.

          And regardless of they situation. They were able to raise their daughter cordially and his family should honor that and have done the same, especially since she wasn’t bothering them. They started the fight.

          • yeah, i immediately think less of the brother because of this. lauren is allowed to keep everything but because tanisha is a banger like they are she is unfit. come on.

        • I don’t know anything about his sister. But I don’t think it’s possible for an aunt to care more than the actual mother. Unless there is some extreme situations and smoking Driving and partying is not that extreme for her age. Nip, LL and the sister was doing the same shyt, it was just more organized, they had VIP and drivers and stuff,

      • Y is it about this man money he earn. Every last penny he put in the work not Tanisha nor anyone else for that matter he was doing it for his kids I don’t hear you speaking on what Tanisha brought to the table I wait moving right along people always looking for hand outs and she being one go out there and get a job to support her kids meaning all three not just one her meal ticket

        • Nip was smart man. He also was well aware he may get murdered

          “I’m married to this game, that’s who I made my wife, said I’ll die alone I told that bytch she prolly right”

          “I’m from west side 60’s, shyt I might got killed”

          And they’re are plenty more lyrics from many other songs

          Nipsey knows how powerful words are and he’s stated it many times in interviews.

          He already set his family up, by making them business partners, so only 1/4 of what they make is going to him, the rest goes to the other share holders, his brother, his cousin and his homeboy family who passed If Nip was concerned about Tanisha getting his money, he would’ve done this along time ago. He wasn’t dumb.

        • Nip wasnt dumb, he made his people shareholders and business partners for a reason, only 1/4 of what they make goes to Nip.

          They could’ve split what he had between his kids and Im pretty sure his babymama would’ve been okay with his brother being the admin of his estate.

          Remember this. SHE DID NOT TAKE THEM TO COURT, THEY TOOK HER. Now they have placed her in a position where she has to fight back or loose her child. Any real mother, I don’t cars how down and out you are, you are not letting nobody come and take custody of your kids, even if it’s the daddy. So clearly she ain’t that unfit, cause she showed up.

          And. It ain’t a out money, she helped them get the store before they baught it. So this probably cuts her more deep than you think.

          • Answer this question, why wouldn’t u get your child if her father had just died. U mean to tell me she couldn’t get a child. Yeah right. Bitch was popping pills and drinking lean.

        • Tanisha gave Nipsey over a $100, 000 over the years, studio time helped him by WORK, she was a hussle girl……FACTS.

    3. Samantha is evil and was living with Nip. She’s money hungry. She has a baby with the rapper Skeme so she has no place to judge. Why isn’t Samantha going after Lauren? Samantha is a typical hoodrat. Leave Tanisha alone.

    4. Money will be 💨 before the age of 18 years old. Sometimes ain’t worth a dime…meanwhile spending your inheritance. ✍🏾

    5. Tanisha ain’t getting shhhhiit!! Lol she tryna fight for his money! Bitch didn’t mean shit to him before he died why on earth would the judge give her his money!! All she gonna end up is with visitions with her daughter.. What kind of real reliable mother has a warrant and can taken to jail at any time that’s not responsible!!! That’s why the judge left her with the sis cus she’s with a healthy stable family!!!! The fam set no matter what!! Nip had trust accounts he wasn’t stupid! With that it doesn’t need to be in the courts and u won’t know bout it! That’s G!! The family just tryna protect Nips estate from greedy muthafuckas! Bitch can try buuuut Tanisha is unfit and straight ghetto she needa grow up real shit! Be there for your kid not hurt her and put her through more shit. She just lost her daddy!! Her everything! And his family is filling the void!!!

      • You’re wrong Nipsey loved his BM. He talked about her in a few songs, his interviews when he brought her up and he posted about her on Twitter. She was in his studios, cars and had on some of his clothes even while without LL. His heart was with her but his current situation was with LL. I know the BM look rachet but he loved her, which is why he never took her to court.

        • You don’t know it’s three sides to every story her side and his side and the truth everyone is in tittled to have an opinion I don’t doubt her love for her daughter but if Tanisha don’t love herself how can she really try to show love to her kids If you knew better you do better and the welfare of the kids and not about money

          • I listened to her side and Nipsey side. and the truth is obvious cause he never took her to court, which confirms Her story and his story. They were on the same page, they don’t have 2 different stories.

            Nip had made it clear he has nothing but love for his BM, and Tanisha has made that clear as well and according to her they were great friends who tell each other everything. So you do the math. Because she got photos in his car, at his studio and with his shirt on during the time he was dating LL.

          • I also can point out specifics in his music, where he slipped up and made it clear. But I’m not going to do him like. Allynought it sounds crazy af, but if LL did sacrifice him, I understand why. If she heard the same disrespect I heard, than she probably did not give af no more.

    6. Let’s be honest Lauren London sacrificed Nip. She has a new show and is probably dating a new man. She didn’t care for Nip either. Lauren is a ghetto thot who loves thugs. It came out of her own mouth. Remember she had a baby with Lil Wayne knowing he had all those baby mothers.

      • Well they say your 1st movie role is closer to your real life personality hint hint Nu Nu. Fuck that thug loving thot!

      • I don’t want to think that way about her, but it’s really starting to look that way. Nip heart was with his first BM, that’s was clear from Day 1.

        Cause these dates are adding up to some bs. they start dating in 2013, cross was born on 31 and he passed on 31. That’s 4, 3 times and I’m wondering what Jay Z means by 444 and he just so happens to have gotten involved with Nip right before his passing 🤦🏽‍♀️

    7. Nip had 2 choices presented to him and he picked the wrong one.

      Tanisha and Lauren look just alike.

      But Tanisha was pure on the inside, raggedy on the outside. Lauren was trash on the inside and Pure looking on the outside.

      He went with the outside, when he should’ve just cleaned his baby mama up instead. They are much more alike and she is solid genuine like him. Lauren just worried about fame. Look at her IG. What mom puts Actress in front of Mother.

      • That’s real shit Lovelylady. I heard LL was so self serving at Nip’s funeral. Acting bratty towards his kids and whatnot. The prettiest light skinned girl in the hood just had to be with one of the most popular hood dudes around. Tanisha’s probably a cool chick but maybe lauren was less ratchet than tanisha who knows? Maybe she was more argumentative than lauren. Constantly fightin with a woman can be a earthly form of hell.

          • What has Lauren done to make you realize that? Outside of the funeral, I do not believe she’s given an interview or commented. I’m not on Twitter or Facebook so I do not know if she’s posted anything.

            • It’s a lot of stuff. I liked her prior to a few days ago. I just been paying attention to some stuff and all the signs and facts are their. It’s just hard to accept, she ain’t as sweet as she appears to be.

              She also does not appear to have been present at any recent ceremonies for him that the rest of the family has been at. And Ive seen where she encouraged him to do shyt that he already knew prior to meeting her was his down fall.

              • I agree with you as time go on a lot coming out whats shocking is if she was all that cool why is she trying to secure the bags now guardianship and her son inherit from nip news flash she see whats going on now with the 1st BM..

      • Please knock it off you act like you were there and you know how he felt. You have an answer to everything if I recall nipsey said in actual interview that he was never really in a relationship with her she got pregnant he also said he had a baby with a hoodrat so stop all the co signing

        • Never heard him call her a hoodrat, what interview was that post it?

          Because all the interviews I’m talking about can be posted, show me where he said that. Because I believe you made that up just to prove your point.

        • will be waiting on the link to the interview he supposedly called her a hoodrat?

          We all want to see this. 😂💝. You just dug yourself a hole, I want to see how you climb out.

        • So I guess we can confirm at some point they were actually together according to his cousin reading his eulogy. As he describes she was his “love”, you know when they could’ve just said daughters mom, girlfriend or her name. Please look up your facts before debating with me. There’s is also enough coupled pictures, verses on his songs that confirm he was with her at some point.

          @ 2:35



          They felt the need to state she was his “love” I’m his eulogy. I think that would confirm at some point they were together, in addition to the couples pictures they took, her saying it, him saying they broke up. You know just seems like she was a little more than some hoodrat he got pregnant as you claim.

        • They also named her in his eulogy as his “love”.. so ummm I think that confirms at some point they were together. Calling me her, his love is a little extreme don’t you think for a couple who ain’t tigether, with the current love of his life Lauren sitting in the audience.

        • Go YouTube the eulogy and go to 2:35. They referred to her as his love on the eulogy. I’m just saying… so take a seat. She was important to him clearly

        • Facts. In his interview he stated he wasn’t even with Tanisha when she was pregnant. He wasn’t feeling her like that. Any descent man would publicly disrespect the mother of his child or talk bad about her to were the kids could hear it. If he wanted to be with her, he could have. She was a rat. All hood niggas fuck with rats in the beginning but when the grow up they want a real women. And that’s when he got LL.

      • First off, Tanisha and Lauren don’t look shit alike. They’re both light skinned with ‘good’ hair but that’s where the comparisons end. Nip was smart as hell and was nobody’s fool. He wasn’t going to stay with anyone he didn’t see a future with. The way he looked at Lauren and basically had her with him wherever he went was proof that she, NOT Tanisha, was the love of his life. If what you’re saying is true, then why didn’t he go back to his first baby mama?? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Oh! I know! Cause he didn’t want her anymore. He loved her as the mother of his daughter but he was done with Tanisha years ago. You in here babbling on and on about relationships you don’t know shit about. But actions speak louder than words…and I think it’s quite obvious Nip was deeply in love with Lauren.

        • nip didnt marry lauren. its looked like a business deal. so stop trying to make lauren better than anyone. someone was comparing her to beyonce. lauren wont put in the work to be a real actress.

    8. Lauren’s not a good actress at that. I don’t think she’s acting because she’s in true form. I feel that Nip should have taken care of Tanisha and now he’s suffered the consequences.

      • I believe that’s exactly where he went wrong. Because at worst case scenario Tanisha knows how to pray over her family, if nothing else.

      • First of all Tanisha is a grown ass women that needs to take care of her own self and her three kids that man was doing what he was supposed to do taking care of his kids and even helping with her other two kids he not obligated to take care of no grown ass women

    9. First of all Tanisha is a grown ass women that needs to take care of her own self and her three kids that man was doing what he was supposed to do taking care of his kids and even helping with her other two kids he not obligated to take care of no grown ass women

    10. Tanisha has gone through ups and downs in her life but that doesn’t make her a bad person. Nip was a proclaimed crip and was arrested several Times for drug possession. Come on he was 33 years old slapping people at award shows and having brawls in clubs. Nobody’s perfect. Lauren will continue to date thugs because she’s a thugette.

    11. Its so funny reading these comments everyone up here baffling on and on about 1st BM is unfit she wants $$ but if Nip wanted to lock that guardianship in he could have but he was not about hurting his daughter mom regardless his love for her was probably on a whole different level that Hood Love Tanisha sported tatts way b4 he died now LL get tatts after he pass {ijs} but what make 2nd BM better because she an actress but its ok for her to be drinking clubbing {etc}she still has kids Peridot but look at the situation now 2nd BM trying to secure what Nip create for her son why Probably because she see how things are going for his 1st BM {ijs} Both of them played a very important part in Nip life will we every know the Truth NOPE so to say one BM is better then the other is dead wrong Nip love his Hood and the people there and that 1st BM was all about that life Ride or Die with the gangs and all 2nd BM did other and at the end of the day he probably cared for both of them in his own way on different level and as far as it goes with his daughter and family they should still honor what they had because at the end of the day no one knows what he was saying to 1st BM we speculating even the internet the sad part would be if his daughter get of age and return to her mother with all her inheritance a lot of people would be hurt that little girl is of age she see and I’m sure she read about it daily or go on the internet her friends so everyone needs to pray that the GOOD come out. He was a Good Man by what I’ve read keep his legacy going no negative for no one.

    12. Over the years the Hip Hop industry has chosen to market/deem two individuals as the king & queen of hip hop… Beyonce & Jay-z However Nip self proclaimed himself king/ Nip earned his way in had a “Pass” put in hella work on & off the streets. His lady he called his queen (isis). No one expected Nip to get that far, he had money, independence as a man and as a artist, streetsmarts, common sense, good music & streetfame. He Grew to Powerful and wasnt afraid to bully a mf or push his way in to help himself & his ppl to fulfill his message. His baby mommas each got they own relationship with him whos to really say who he loved the most in his music he clearly also stated he didnt trust a soul. Nip stepped on sum big toes… All his deals catered to A$I, AMB & The Marathon, concerts, tours, tickets sales, merchandise, performance royalties, future streams, album sales % were all in Nip Favor Not Puma Not Altantic Not Tidal, Revolt or anyone else he stood to make the most Nip Was Aiming For over 100$ million “billion dollar project about to break the cement” come on now The industry didnt want this man to win. Him or LL Nip Wanted way more for his bm then what she had been given over the years… Which was a ATL movie, a few other credits & tyler perry film the current BET Show was already In works a yr or two prior to the shooting. They killed Malcolm x all over again yall dont even realize it, Nip use to preached thru his music. Jayz is a analyst/a&r/businessman/drugkingpin his known associate’s blood hounds he said he wanted a billy and he got it by any means nesscary. This man tapped into techno with bill gates to create tidal. Been in the white house flys to cuba whenever he wants give us a lil bit of game at a time like he said for a lil of nothing $9.99 we niggas to them not negus like sandman & nip…Nipsey was assassinated beyonce was horrible in Lion King… Ape Shit…u cant tell me loren london wouldnt of sounded better as nyla cause she would of did way better sounding then oops queen yonce(b). They aint want him bridging ppl together or communites around the world. They aint want nip to educate or to earn enough money to help change the world.

      • f jayz. jayz just jumps on whoever getting press. and nipsey didnt have a queen. he didnt marry lauren.


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