NFL’s Kerryon Johnson Old Tweet About Black Women Resurfaces


    kerryon johnson tweet

    As the NFL honored Detroit Lions’ Kerryon Johnson for breaking a team record, the internet dug up an old tweet where he professed his love for white women.

    kerryon johnson black women tweet

    Kerryon has since deleted the tweet, but not before Twitter users draged him. Did he deserve it?


    1. 1. The kind of black man that says that has no access to top shelf black women.

      2. The white women he gets are rejects too. Scroll up and look at that tranny.

      3. People like this bother me not because I care what they do or think, but because their idiocy reinforces the psychotic delusional thinking of whites. Dumbf***s like him mean that gross pig white people will remain convinced I want to get with them, and they’ll continue following me around.

    2. It’s dumb asf to me when black men and women disrespect each other. I’m a black woman but I’d never talk bad a black man because not all black men are bad and vice versa. Since this article is about a dumb coon I’ll say it’s beyond sad that Some Black men are the only type of man to disrespect their own women. Dumb fucks don’t realize they came from a a black woman and on top of that they get the ugliest white women they can find.

      • Asians and Hispanics/Latinos s*** on their women in every way possible to the point that their women want any man over them; so let’s ditch this narrative about only black men disrespecting their women. It’s more like brainwashed black men who get repeatedly curved by some black women disrespect their women. This dude is a dingbat lame.

        • I have never heard of an Asian or a Latino man disrespecting their women so miss me with that bullshit especially when u have rappers out here talking shit openly about black women such as Kodak black’s ugly ass, ASAP rocky Waka flocka etc.

          • You’ve never heard because you’re uneducated. They treat their women like total sh**. A quick Google will give you a peek at that. It’s common for them to beat their wives. The Asians also love to tell their daughters they aren’t sh** because they’re female. They make it a point to show how disappointed they are to have a daughter. Asia is the only corner of the world where men outnumber women because most of them abort or kill female children. Others give them up for adoption.

            • yup thats why asian women date non asian me especially white men. In japan which is very misygonistic, asian women are turning to foreigners for sex. Osaka is a byproduct of this

            • Guess what this article is not about Asian and Latino men it’s about a black coon talking down on black women and yet there u are defending him and trying to say “Well all Asian and Latino men do such and such to their women” You are the uneducated one because no Not all Asian men treat their own women like shit. I know plenty of Asian women that don’t want to date out of their race so they can keep their tradition so stop generalizing. The above post says some black men not all so refuckinglax.

              • If you learn how to read the post doesn’t say ALL… it doesn’t matter who this post is about, pointing out the truth does not = deflection.

                Of course this dude is trash, but the point is there is good and bad in every race. Being blind to the facts does not change that.

                You are the one who needs to refuckinglax, because pointing out mistreatment is not just a black thing seems to be too much for you to comprehend.

                • No dumb ass if you learn to read you will see it says ASIANS! It doesn’t say some. You were generalizing all Asians. Did I say anything about only black men mistreatment No I didn’t And like I said this fucking article is about a black man so why the fuck would I bring up Asian men? Who doesn’t know that their is good and bad in every race troll!

                • ^^Ever the Dumb Bitch does not have to say some…if it does not say ALL then it doesn’t mean all you Fucking Retard.

                  I didn’t say shit, but I know how to read and comprehend instead of making an ASS out of myself by assuming.

                  At the end of the day you are WRONG, so you can Chillax…with your touched in the head ass.

            • bitch stfu you are just mad because u sound stupid as shit and feel embrassed. Either you are to stupid to specify what you are saying or to lazy in which in your case seems like both. You said ASIANS that means all ! I don’t argue on the internet so get out of your fucking feelings and go read a book! Cunt

              • LMAO…why are you pressed?

                Now I know you can’t read…I DIDN’T SAY SHIT…figure that out with your Slow Ass.

                And again if it doesn’t say all it doesn’t mean all Dumb Trick.

    3. Every black man who lusts after white bitches get the ugliest, nastiest white chicks in the game. It’s 2018 and I have not seen a black man date or marry a banging white chick like Anna Kournikova, Scarlet Johansson or Emily Ratajkowsi. Black men only screw around with ugly, fucked up white bitches like Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian or Brynn Cameron. With thousands of beautiful, intelligent sistas, it’s heartbreaking to see so many successful black men fuck around with ugly white bitches. I just don’t get it.

      • Because they have to settle for the bottom of the barrel as long as it’s white they don’t care. I have a cousin who is very good looking and all the women love him. He could have almost any woman he wants but he chose to settle for this ugly ass white chick who even cheated on him. Beyond sad

        • He’s gay. A lot of gay black men know they can’t fool black women, or they can’t get black women to agree to a fake marriage.

        • @anon13:20 OK maybe some black men just prefer dating outside their race, u’d think they’d date maybe some beautiful exotic looking white women or East Indian or Hispanic, but noooooo, they always go for the plain Jane, dull WASPy types who aren’t fancied at all by their own kind. And they let them boss them around. It’s really sickening. I also have a relative. Good looking who married a big boned WASPy heffer. A beautiful exotic white woman from Italy with a tan & hot body was actually feeling him, but the heffer made clinged on to him lol

    4. Wow man another brother grabs a white woman. And for the record, that white woman is not ugly but damn 2hy go out of your way to say that.

      Why do some black men feel more comfortable with white women? It’s like he’s tryin to stick it to black women by specifically sayin this.

      White women are the most overrated human species on the planet beauty wise with their thin lips and ironboard body shapes. The glow of their light skin from a distance is their best quality. While black women are physically gifted naturally their usually evil, dour, and pestering. All black men aren’t built to be with a black women.

      I can look at a nigga’s face and tell if he’s got the goods to stimulate a black woman’s mind. Kerryon’s soft ass is not it lol.

      • That bitch looks like the joker mixed with a damn rabbit. Compared to what he could have um yes she’s hit asf

        • Lol. I’m like- why are you trying to sell us on this white ho’s beauty?

          She has NONE. Not even with the makeup and horse hair.

          She’s the biggest celebration of mediocrity EVER.

    5. Is he from the south? Southern negros (and indiana) LOVE white women so much its sickening? Like they just got off the plantation.

        • Good looking out, but that comment was for a removed post by that D Bag sl_ve breeder/asap who said BW lusted after massa bk in the day…then the next comment was him calling BW promiscuous jezebels blah blah blah…

    6. That would be your mom…

      Don’t act like you don’t see all that wad of cotton on this bald headed horse’s head.

    7. Examples of successful black men dating bottom of the barrel white bitches:

      1. Tiger Woods: Married a maid (Elin Nordegren)

      2. Kanye West: Married a porn star with a fake ass (Kim Kardashian)

      3. Blake Griffin: Had kids with a baby momma white bitch (Brynn Cameron)

      4. Lamar Odom: Dated a fat ugly white bitch (Khloe Kardashian)

      5. Charles Barkley: His white wife looks like John Goodman

      6. Michael Jordan: Divorced beautiful black wife, married a broke white chick

    8. Only person typing in all caps is a black goon nigga pressed because he keeps signing up to be played financially for basic white hoes.

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