New Video of Andrea Kelly Defending R Kelly


    andrea kelly defends r kelly

    Despite going on the record multiple times to call R Kelly a monster and to detail the horrible events that allegedly happened during their marriage, multiple videos of Andrea Kelly defending her ex have resurfaced.

    Andrea also made a confession in the documentary, Surviving R. Kelly, but many people are calling foul on her allegations.


    1. Conspicuous in their silence is mama Haughton (Aaliyah’s mother) and Sparkle. Those two black women ain’t saying shit because they offered their daughters to Kelly. Aaliyah became a superstar and Sparkles’s daughter got a dick in her mouth and piss on her stomach. In other words, those two black women pimped out their own daughters to a notorious pedophile. Tha makes them accomplices.

        • No Pedo here or support of Pedos (at you Minaj). u seem to believe the media and have the man convicted already. The media puppets have worked your mind over. Time to stand up to the media puppet masters and tell them FOH with that bullsh*t. Grow a pair.

          • What the Fuck does the media have to do with what this MF has done throughout his entire career?

            No one is going off the media, what we are going off of is what he has Continuously Done throughout the Decades…there would be NOTHING to report if he was living RIGHT, so ALL Fault lies on HIM.

            All the “media” has done is Shine a Bright Light on & further exposed what we have already known.

            All this Shit needs to Stop (particularly the underage sex/pedo ring shit) & if it Starts with this thing, so be it.

            If you believe anything different, your pair should be snipped.

            • What about all of the other black men young and old preying on babies? Some of these ‘parents’ allow grown men AND women to lay up with their kids. Everybody acts like it’s normal to see a 12 year old girl hand in hand or sitting on the lap of a 19 year old. Especially in the ghetto or when nice money is involved for everyone. When Kelly and Aaliyah wore matching outfits on BET we all knew what was up and that it was inappropriate. No one did anything but bump their gums. His ass should’ve been whooped, relationship ended. In Kelly’s mind, this is normal. He’s not forcing these girls. Where are these girls parents? He’s been molested—no treatment. His family is disloyal. He has a problem. His ex wife was too weak to get him the help he needed. But who marries R Kelly? Now his kids are fcked up. He won’t be in any trouble for this and his twisted lifestyle will keep going with willing participants with failed parenting. It all boils down to parenting. People love to say folks give their kids the best. No, you have to have their respect. That starts with God. I went left lol but yeah, people are sick. Always have always will be. Shyt like this is no big deal unless you have a civilized upbringing. Most people don’t.

    2. The INdustry vs. R Kelly. The “INdustry” killed WHouston, SCook, MJackson. Ruined BCosby. Who would ever side with the INdustry and the culture vulture Jewish community? The very same community that feeds off of another culture and then publicly lynches black men and women so they die and the Jewish community gets paid some more. I support RKelly and anyone else in the black community who the INdustry seeks to destroy.

    3. I want to see black women protest against Ed Buck! Unfortunately I don’t think that will happen.

      • WTF Are you talking about?

        You live in LA… Have you NOT seen the groups of People Black & White Protesting to have that MF arrested?

        How about YOU get off your BUM ASS and GO Protest or do something instead of typing BS on a gossip site day in and day out…You Raggedy Ass All Talk NO Action MF.

      • WTF is your problem bro????? You puttin everybody in front of the bus but R. Kelly. WTF does black women (who are the ones being violated) have to do with these monsters and their evil deeds??? OMFG, this generation HATES women and blames them for EVERYTHING. WTF??!!!

      • Your father raped you right? Or was it your uncle? Cuz you seem to think rewarding bad behavior is the answer. You need medication and therapy.

      • Keep buying his music, he makes good songs. Some of us can see the truth that a lot of those heffas was lying & has a vendetta against Kellz. Stop believing lies. #sexme, ‘
        #halfonababy, #ignition. 😛

    4. If there is Justice in the Here After my Prayer is Every kell-pedo supporter join his Depraved Ass in the Fire Furnace….the Great I am does Not like Ugly.

      • And my prayer is for ignorant ninjas who believe EVERYTHING & PROPAGANDA that’s being fed to them get there’s on EARTH now! 😛

    5. The same people defending his ass probably defend their pedo uncles,fathers,, grandfathers,coaches,priest and bot scout leaders…..Google sex offenders in Your zip code and let’s see whose laughing now……same muthafuckas cosigning the pedo-fuckery probably got a hard on when they heard what’s beef by Biggie…..”Don’t they know my nigga Gutter fuckin’ kidnap kids
      Fuck ’em in the ass, throw ’em over the bridge”……can’t wait for all y’all sickos to burn in hell with gasoline drawers….you will not be missed

    6. Pedo shit makes the industry go round…..usher/diddy,lilwayne/birdman,bowwow,kriskross,Xscape/jermainedupri,foxybrown,rihanna/jayz, and on on it goes where it ends nobody knows… white American men go to the phillipines and other poor Asian countries to fuck little boys and girls for chump change… what’s really going the fuck on


    8. Black men continue to show the darkness that resides in their hearts. Then they wander why they are being sold for $400 in 2018 and that nobody cares and that no rescue party was dispatched. Grown arse, dirty, flithy, crusty men fighting for the right to rape children and women. WE SEE YOU.

    9. Black men are quick to sell their souls for trinkets and fast cars yet at the same time want us to believe it is the ywhte man that is the devil. Before there was a a ywhte devil there was a black one. Continue to show the world who and what you are….KANGS/PROTECTORS……sarcasm.

    10. When will media be over this story? Put him in jail and move on. No one wants to hear about this ish, except white people.

      Can we get some fun news?

          • Crackers think they can distract from their depravity by wheeling out a couple of black pervs. When this R Kelly thing is done, the crackers will find a new one.

            They’ll probably pick another person most black people stopped effing with like Bambatta.

            And they’ll release more disgusting movies pairing beautiful black women with white pieces of s–t.

    11. I said it before and I’ll say it again, if you stop listening to R Kelly because of the underage sex scandal, then you better stop listening to Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, The Jackson 5, and Jay-Z. Me personally, I will always listen to Marvin Gaye.

      • STFU Shit Stain…

        How you can act like this is nothing is sickening, we are talking about someone who has made a lifestyle from abusing girls & women…and if you think that is nothing you definitely will not be seeing the pearly gates.

        If these were little boys I know your Bitch Ass would be talking All kinds of Shit…it doesn’t matter though Black Women don’t need Bitch Ass Nggas like you in their corner.

        This is why you have no one now…and I Thank the Most High for that!

    12. I’ve always enjoyed R. Kelly’s music. My gut tells me he is really guilty and also have been a victim at some point.. I can’t separate the talent from the pain anymore regarding this genius. I pray for justice. God knows all. He needs help.

    13. Andrea ir draya has lost her fucking mind she got lifetime to make this documentary i’n which now it’s amped the feds but she gonna holler he’s a good provider. This bitch is sick. A flip flopper. He must have gave her money to stop the noise. Several times she has said for this and for that you r kelly can go straight to hell. Now she recanting.. Oh Wow heard ge brought tickets to Africa. He outta here before the feds tap that Ass.

      • People in abusive relationships almost always stick up for their abuser at some point…they start to believe the abuse is love.

        The goal of an abuser is Control…Controlling someone mentally, emotionally, physically leads to being able to control them sexually.

        These people cut women off from everyone they love and anyone who loves them, they HAVE to in order to remain in Control.

        This is why what this monster is doing is so detrimental, it is a complete Mind-Fuck and anyone who has never been in this situation or does not have background knowledge in it, will never fully get it…

    14. Every person is an expert and black people believe what they see on TV…..No one Knows the law….Everyone is in everyone else business… on FIXING THE HOOD.

      • Shit Up Bitch…

        You don’t have to be an Expert to KNOW he MARRIED a 15 YEAR OLD CHILD. LEGAL Documents NOT tv PROVE THIS, Fucking Moron.


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