Don’t Drop the N-Word Around Supermodel Joan Smalls If You’re Not ‘Ethnic’!


    joan smalls n word

    Supermodel Joan Smalls is sick and tired of her “not ethnic” friends dropping the n-word. She posted this warning to all offenders on her Instagram Story:

    joan smalls n word

    Can you blame her?


    1. Shut up, why do we want to own that word and limit it to us? They don’t mean it in a racist way. All the white kids around me say that word because they want to be black. The Mexicans, puerto ricans and Asians been saying it.

      We and they have taken that word and have completely taken the power of racism out of it.

      I can’t stand ppl like her. When I hear them say it, I take it as support of them saying “f—k the original way racist meant this word to be. If y’all niggaz we all niggaz”

      And she might as well say fudge it because I can for sure tell you every boy in Cali use that word, it don’t matter his color. Arguing about that word is a wrap. It don’t belong to us any more. And why you wecwabt it to be?

        • I don’t know where you from, the white kids in Cali is getting with the business. Mexicans and Asians been on they nigga shyt. At least out here in Cali they are. They all rappers. Got studios in they big azz houses, they forming gangs, joining gangs, going to black colleges and etc.

          They want to be black.

          • The white boys don’t really want to BE BLACK or at least not in the realist sense. Most of the time it’s a faze, that wanna look, sound cool faze. In a few years they’ll be over it already, working that corporate job, married, living in the Burbs. It’s not a faze for Mexicans tho, many are really about that life.

          • Right now in Cali the Mexicans and Latinos are waging war against blacks. Just because I like Chinese food doesn’t mean I want to be Chinese. I swear my people are as dumb as rocks. Wake Up.

        • I really don’t care what they are trying to be. I got better shyt to worry about than snaking someone because they said Nigga

      • No they say it to be like black people.. And they know black people are wimps and aint going to do nothing about it..

        • I’m sorry I don’t live in Them weird places you live, where the white ppl still got they foot on y’all necks, trying to make you feel inferior.

          We straight in Cali, white ppl don’t run shyt out here.

    2. I mean and why would we want it to belong to us? I take it as support when other races adapt the word and use it towards they own. It means the are not racist and appreciate our culture. Now if they end it with “er”. Than they mean it in a racist way. but if you still getting mad over words, you got a lot of growing up to do.

      She reminds me of my sister. My sister is all about black lives and dont say the N words and blah blah blah but don’t have 1 black friend and ain’t never had one.

    3. Just like I thought. She is just like my sister. Look at her Instagram, no black friends at all. Gtfoh, you can’t speak for us. Drop yourself.. you don’t even know black ppl. Ugh my sister is exactly like this, they instagrams look the exact same. A bunch of weird white ppl. Say nigga around my sister and she act like you so racist. Maybe that’s they own insecurity of trying to be white so bad.

    4. 1. She’s not black. 😐
      2. She hangs witH wHiTe pEopLe. 😲 Like, why? She like casserole?
      3. She’s part Hispanic. 😐
      4. Cut this broad’s mic off. Shame on her daddy for not using a condom.
      5. She looks like dude from Terruh Squad with a wig.
      6. If you’re not black and use the term, F*** YOU. I hope you can fight.

    5. I mean I don’t like the word period but as far as saying she’s not black that’s a bit of s stretch. Idc if she’s spanish or biracial she still has black skin. Damn generations later white people still got some blacks under control and to hate themselves

        • afriKKKants aren’t Black … they are hamites. and so-called Blacks are Hebrew… Know Your History and who you are.

            • LMAO…Ignorant MFs like You are Trash and will remain Bottom Feeders…a Book is the least of Your Problems, Dumb Ngga.

            • Take Your own advice and read SEVERAL books…

              Defending those who sold your ancestors while they look at you like You are the one Dipped in Shit, which YOU actually are, when they come here.

              I swear it is always some Dumb Ngga who wants to claim everybody, when Every Single Other Race Including afriKKKants think they are better than you & Not one of them has ever stood up for you or claimed You while you dick ride for them, You Fucking Idiot.

    6. I have a message for Joan Smalls and all bourgeoisie black women; stop hanging out with white people! #BlackOnBlackLove

      • This reminds me of how disgusting it is seeing all these commercials with fine black women boo’d up with ugly ass whites and Asians. Wtf. 😲🤢

    7. @Lovelylady

      Shut yo scary ass up. You’re just a pampered bourgeoisie girl from da hood who never had to fight her own battles. Always had protection around you with the thugs that u love to date. Just like lauren london’s scary ass. You’re afraid of confrontation so you justify lettin them say that word? Wow. Most black ppl wouldn’t go for that except the weak ones. Talking about the other races wanna be black. That’s true but most of em know better than to say that word unless permission is granted. A collection of races using a modified version of a racial slur towards the race in question is very telling of the race allowing it. Mockery at it’s finest.

      • No, it’s very telling about the country and cr***ers. Whites are disgusting degenerates who’ve managed to warp some black people’s minds like a child abuser warps the mind of his victims, wife beater and wife, kidnapper and hostage. Sick, evil demonic people have that effect. And whites are demons.

    8. Maybe BLACK PEOPLE don’t need to call each ni**as……..BUT I KNOW WHO DEFIANTLY DONT NEED TO START!!!!!!!!! AGAIN

    9. Come on people. You love when White people use the word ni**a? Ok, when you use words, you must be cognizant of the listener…the person who is receiving the word. For instance, I was replacing a lock one day and needed some assistance from my wife. I asked her to hold the lock while I put the screws in. Well she wanted to hold the lock the way she wanted and I told her, “Just do what I asked you to do.” All pretty simple words, and if spoken to one of my boys, would have meant nothing. But to my wife, they were offensive…I was rude. Because you always have to be careful of your audience. Words are just words but they aren’t always received the same. I can walk in a room with a bunch of my boys and say, “What up bit***s?”, without a response. But if I use that same language when I greet my mother in law and wife, it probably won’t go over so well. So let’s stop with the we say it so we shouldn’t be offended. That has never been the case with words. And even if White people were given free reigns to use the N word, knowing all the pain and heart ache it has caused, why would they? Come on people!

        • How do you know that poster is black ? You just assumed because of your own prejudice. It’s very telling asshole.

            • 🍷 I concur. They are indeed the most faggity of faggots. This is not meant to insult gay men, who are probably offended by being associated with such a royal bitch ass faggot.

              I hope his wife is somewhere getting rode hard by the mailman, and spending his money on him.

            • No Woman touches that thing…that’s why he spends his time acting like a Queen, trying to get women’s attention.

    10. White people or crackers who use THE word ni**er are the ones that are missing ornaments from their trees, appetizers from their bbqs or bumpers from their f 150s………either or and……..THEY NEED TO BE ERADICATED!!!!!!!!!!!! SEND THEM BACK TO THEIR CAVE FROM WHENCE THEY CAME FROM!!!!!!!!!!!

    11. Why does Joan Smalls continue to hang around with white people who call her the N word? Because she wants white people to love her. #MonstersBall

    12. For Proof ….. That Bl@ck People Are Cow@rds …. Read This Comment Section !!! (coons and hypocrites everywhere)



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