Michelle Williams and MAGA-Loving Fiance Break Up


    michelle williams break up

    After announcing their engagement in April, Michelle Williams and her fiancé, Chad Johnson, have broken up.

    38-year-old Michelle took to her Instagram story to reveal she’s now single on the same day her new single “Fearless” dropped.

    “I still remain fearless. I guess I still remain single! Things didn’t work out. The healing that needs to take place is a must! I don’t wanna destroy another relationship. Blessings to him, his family and ministry. #FEARLESS”

    michelle williams fiance black

    News of the broken engagement comes after the couple suffered through multiple hurdles in the past few months, including Michelle going to a mental hospital to battle depression, a brief breakup, rumors that Chad was an alleged MAGA-loving racist, and a reality show that highlighted their differences.


    1. I saw it coming. They seemed like an awkward pair from the get go. Why is now that so many black women associated with hollyweird can’t get a man and come out being crazy asf..? Halle, sanaa the list goes on…

      • Because you can’t serve two masters…that industry is satanic.

        And it is not just BW…heather locklear is crazy asf…charlize theron, jennifer aniston etc etc can’t keep a man either…

        • Lmao you are so right. You cant serve the baphomet and submit to your husband at the same time. That is why alot of these women divorce or have “slave marriages” where both husband and wife serve these top executives together

        • okay but we not talking about white women this is about Michelle Williams. A black woman. I hear in hollyweird they do black women extremely bad and make them do terrible things compared to any other race.

          • Black women are more resistant to authority. Thats why most execs dont like casting them. They are hard to break and pimp. Black women do more non sexual but degrading shit like be the token fat woman or unattravtive friend or slave or maid.

            White women do more sexually degrading things because they are more desired and servile. There isnt a bunch of black female sex victims in these metoo movements in hollywood cause very few execs are checking for them

          • Just because she happens to be black does NOT mean ONLY BW have this issue…I don’t give a Fuck what happens to anyone in that industry because you have to do the worst shit to be a part of it…and that is the CHOICE they make.

            It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, male or woman…they all have to suck & fuck their way in and sell their souls…so they ALL are getting exactly what they deserve.

            • That is where you are wrong it does matter what race you are in this world especially in hollyweird! You think Taquanna is making the same money Jennifer makes? Shit read a book

              • YOU are wrong, asshole.

                That industry is garbage and EVERYONE in it is too…

                Shove a book up your crack, because it is obvious reading them has taught you NOTHING.

                • And next time instead of trying to argue NO point take your own advice an actually try reading what is being said.

                • Wow what a fucking ignorant piece of shit you are. Lmfao dumb ass you are contradicting yourself and aren’t even aware of it. I’m not going to waste my time and argue on the internet with you. Poor bitch You sound butt hurt like no one wanted to take you to casting couch or some shit ? goodfucking bye troll!

                • Keep running Dick Shit, talking about how BW can’t keep men then changing the topic to $$ acting like you are making sense when you aren’t…stay on topic next time You Trife Stank Ass Twat.

            • @13: 10 Michelle has it hard beacuse she doesnt have her looks to help her attract higher ups.

              Beautiful “Black” women like Beyonce, Halle and Zoe Sandala would be a prize for these execs to sexually degrade but lets be real most black female celebrities dont look like Beyonce or Halle or Zoe so they are either reduced to bottom feeder jobs or simply not cast at all.

    2. So now that she’s taking her meds, she realizes that Jim Bob and his small junk is not her knight in shining armor.

    3. Honey…….he must have called her the n-word or the b-word………or both in the same sentence!!!!!!!!!

    4. This isn’t an indication that something is wrong with Michelle. It’s a sign that she regained her sanity and doesn’t want to be in a relationship with a fucking white.

    5. Hollywood women cant keep no man because most of the men don’t want women or they call girls like halle and taraji.

      beyonce crossedover like halle and a few others did which is why white mainstream check for them


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