Mel B’s Ex Gets Dragged By Her Daughter


    mel b daughter ex stephen belafonte

    Mel B’s teenage daughter, Phoenix Chi, spoke to The Sun and accused her mom’s ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte, of some vicious acts.

    “Stephen didn’t like me […] Not in a grown-up “I disapprove of you” way. He was like a kid — a bigger, sneakier kid. He beat up my dog, and laughed when Lordy got so ill he had to be put down. ‘Now you don’t have to walk him, [Stephen said]”

    Phoenix claims Stephen was controlling and abusive way before he married her mother in 2007.

    “He left s**t in my room. He would start screaming about things like me leaving food, and go so ballistic it was as if I’d committed a crime. I couldn’t talk to my mom — someone else who looked like her was in her body. She believed every word he said. She loved him. Maybe I had to suck it up. I didn’t want to ruin it for her.”

    You can read the rest of the dragging here.


    1. Evil lighty. Looks like and sounds like that Terrence Howard. Sorry but any biracial guy with green or blues eyes are usually messed up!! I’m biracial too btw so trust me I should no

    2. He looks like he’s on the DL there butterboy.

      Who’s beats up a dog and laughs about it?

      I can picture his bitch ass taking a dick like a champ. Boo boo crumbs everywhere.

      I can’t see him gettin loud with a actual heterosexual male

    3. She always gets involved with abusive men. She has some weird sexual thing with that because it’s not like she can’t do better.

      She needs to stop playing and marry a Nigerian businessman. Or get with a woman like she really wants to.

    4. This is what happens when women bring men that are suspect around their children! Everyone knew his rep and she still got with him.

    5. I know there were signs previously before they got married……..Honey here’s THE lesson……you can’t raise a grown ass man(BOY)!!!!!!!! He may look like a man and sound like a man but bitchassness always rears its ugly head!!!!!!!!


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