Meek Mill Has a Request for the Wig-Wearing Ladies


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    Meek Mill shared one special request for women as we head closer to 2019. Here’s what he had to say on his Instagram Story:

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    Do you agree?


    1. Why is that when you remove a womans hair or weave she immediately covers her head in shame. It seems like wigs and weave are the only things that keeps these women high spirited

      • Not me and my chicks friend. Same person with a wig on or off. Plus it’s cold outside. Them shits double as hats or hoodies where I’m from. Lol

        • Accountable Black Women don’t consort, date, or regard irresponsible, unaccountable men as viable options. Who wants a fatherless male, with a criminal record created by the inability to follow basic common sense laws, who can’t lead, competes with his womanly counterpart, or blames and plays the perpetual victimhood. Black Men are perpetual victims they are unaccountable but consistently blame White Supremacy, Black Women, Welfare, Child Support, subpar females, or the police for problems they gladly participated created, manufactured or benefited from.

    2. We are black. We are the modern day version of Sampson. Don’t let any white man tell you what to do with your hair. I agree, take the wigs off!

    3. funny I never seen him date a bald headed woman or even a woman with her natural hair out. These mfs say all this shit about some damn hair but will fuck all these whites with fake body parts ???? he needs to stfu

    4. You never hear or read about any other race of men criticizing their women like black men do black women, sad, SMDH.

      • Most of these Clowns Hate themselves, which is no excuse but shows how easily Idiots/ these Weak-Minded Dudes can be trained to Self-Hate…

      • That’s so true. Like even Black women down other Black women. This Black man tried to tell me that white women have it just as hard in life, if not worse than Black Women. I’m shocked at the amount of black men who hate their mothers.

        • black women are hated and unprotected because of their vanity.
          Vanity = biggest mortal sin !!! (See: bible)

          • That is how you feel about yourself, since your mom didn’t protect you, huh?

            You need more therapy & meds.

        • HONEY…….if white women have it sooooo hard…….a waste of white privilege!!!!!!!!!!!! Playing the smallest violin……….not. Boo wtf Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Other races are too busy hitting them and insulting them in private.

        However, white men have a whole network that basically bashes women. And they started a WHOLE movement for it too.

        ???? ?????????? >

      • TRUTH!! Because so many Black men have a slave mentality toward Black women. Black men were taught that their dark Black women were nothing and only the light Black women mattered.
        The wigs mean nothing. A simple headress that can be put on and of. #Iamnotmyhair.

        • Stop. Light skinned women only have it better with the type of men who like light skin. ALL fuckin men ain’t into that colorist shit. I’m light and attractive with a nice shape and a damn good woman and I am treated no differently until I meet a sambo which is rare. Y’all need to get off that shit that light skin women collectively gave it better because we don’t. Look at fuckin Halle berry and tisha Campbell. Oh don’t they have it great. What about Cassie?! Who’s nigga had her doing vile sex shit and taking back seats to hoes darker than her. Rosario Dawson sure does get her ass kissed. And Beyoncé’s husband treats her with so much respect!!! FOH. Tired of you dark hoes acting like y’all got it so bad. You fucking don’t! Light skin women get doggged and left in the dust all the time baby. Get a new reason to hate yourself.

    5. Black hair is so powerful, white people cut the dreadlocks off of a black male high school wrestler. White people hate us and they hate our hair. They know that our power is in our hair and our melanin. #HighTechCastration

    6. I said it before and I’ll say it again, we are the modern day version of Samson. Our hair, tight curls and dreadlocks give us power. Black men don’t ever let a white bitch cut your hair. Black women your hair is beautiful; fuck a weave, wear you hair natural!

    7. Here’s a perfect example of self hate. He wants a white , Asian or Hispanic woman. Black woman aren’t valued in a black man’s world. That’s pretty sad! I’m not a black woman. Don’t blame other ethnicities, blame your men.

      • The self-hate comes from brainwashing which came from whites…shit every race hates the darker versions of themselves even many whites because of the trash you all perpetrate.

        Sadly all those Idiots (like uglylad) don’t even understand how they have been fooled and mind-controlled over centuries through the singular white race focused media & a continuous barrage of messaging that white is right, which is nothing more than a sick twisted bold-faced LIE!

        The good news is all this shit is changing, we already see it with every kind of non-black Bitch buying Booties, hips & lips…because they now know no real man wants a woman who physically looks like a malnutrition little boy in disguise.

      • Please get off this blog and go wash your white azz. I know you people hate showers. And use a condom with your many partners, albino skeezer.

        Meek does not want trailer park trish, Lil boy body ling ling, or refrigerator body government assistance Guadalupe.

        Worry about your own men that started MGTOW, and that complain about you on Fox. They would rather marry a Ukrainian prostitute than you white skeezers.

    8. This shows you how superficial men are. Not once did he speak about women getting rid of their superficial, materialistic attitudes or their, “I’m too beautiful to work so I’ll just post my filtered thirst trap online to attract men with money!”
      Also, he should throw in ass shots, 10 layers of makeup, drawn on eye brows and lips( contouring).
      In fact, why not just push for the all natural movement or is it just easier to attack black women hair choices?
      Perhaps, more black men should actively promote natural hair on black women by showcasing them more in their videos or on their arms while out in public. But I guess that would be too much to ask of these so called black men who claim to love black women, but are quick to date outside their race at the speed of lightning once they get some fame or few coins to rub together!

    9. To add on, wasn’t it black women rocking all types of hairstyles: wigs, weaves, naturals, perms, advocating on his behalf to “Free Meek Mill?”

      He was happy to have them rally on his behalf, but now that he’s free, he wants to talk about hair? Yet, if he was still locked up, he would have been happy to get a visit, money put on his books, or a letter from a wig wearing woman.

      Black women especially, please take note, stop being loyal to those who are not loyal to you!

        • Black woman didnt free meek millz even the black judge wanted to keep his ass in. It was the elites who wanted to free him so he will continue his cooning and jiving for the black community
          Ganagsta rap music = saitan music !!! (see: 80s murder rate)

    10. We should start a “I only date men who grew up with their father” movement but we all know who’s gonna come up short ?

    11. I wish he would tell the Ancient Egyptians, who wore wigs to take them off. WHAT AN IDIOT. Thinks its OK for hisnex to have a fake arse but the wig must go….. lol….smh….

      • bro them hoes never take off their wigs or weave. They leave that shit for months. Thats why alot women who wear weave stink

    12. Thank goddess these KANGS don’t run anything. Homicide rates off the chain, 65,000 missing black children per year, black men are killing black women at 3 times the rate that the white men are killing white women, and in response, top of their agenda is that the wigs must go. And then they wander why blaxk men are being sold for $400 In 2018.

      • Exactly, some black men’s priorities are: females hair and piping down as many “exoticals” as possible ?!

        Yes, black men are currently being sold for pennies on the dollar!

      • 65 000 black kids missing damn. I blame women for egging on the stupid of incompetent black men. In the club i always hear sistas sing along to rap songs “shoot a nigga dead, fuck niggas bitch, kill his whole family if that nigga snitch” smdh no wonder thes thugs are killing such a high number

          • I agree us black men are mainly responsible for the problems in the community but at least as a woman dont encourage it. Like you have sistas holding guns for these men, setting up other black men to get murdered and procreating with these fools. Sistas are even trafficking other sistas. While good brothas have to stay single or marry a non black woman

    13. This entire thread is a joke! We can wear whatever we want on our heads and meek mil can go slob a knob. I pay good money for my wigs and unless meek is planning on paying my hair stylist the money to fix up my natural hair, then I dont wanna hear a damn thing about what I should do with my hair , I’m gonna wear my wig and look fine as hell in 2019 and 2020 too!! Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!

      • true also brothas should in 2019 be free to date beautiful light skin women without shame. Dont let anyone shame you into dating darkskin or white women.

        • If you are a black male, have you dated a black woman with type 4 hair or did you encourage her to straighten it?

          • Yes I am Ghanaian and have dated alot of African women with type 4 hair and they look really nice. I just cant see how a black men would/could date a black women who looks nothing black but look closer to the daughter of a crakka. Wigs and weave is shameful and self hating

            • You can’t be serious? Skin bleaching is rampant in Africa. The women there are lightening their skin because their very own men are encouraging them too. Please get off your high horse! Black men are also to blame for black women whitening themselves up!
              Instead of preaching to black women about loving themselves, why don’t you preach to black men about loving and respecting their fellow black woman and putting non black women on pedestals!

              • Why are you talking to him like he has any sense?

                You see on this very thread where he says to you one thing and says something completely different above about ethiopian women…

                This MF is mentally defective.

              • @mystique where did mention that i date women who bleach their skin? I like my sistas with dark to briwn skin, slim curves narrow features and natural hair. If brothas want to be self haters and date negropean women who bleach their skin and wear krusty the clown hair let those coons do it.

                • LMAO…all you are worried about is letting some dude run up in YOUR ASS!

                  I know you are creaming yourself just thinking about it…LOL!

    14. This is the most petty, pointless ish to be pressed about.

      If you’re a man talking about this, you’re gay.
      If you’re a woman, a wig bish took your ninja.

    15. one request this year stop being a bitch azz nigga…..its a woman perogative to wear what ever she dam wells please…the fucko utta here

      • It is not about that for everyone…some women get fired for having natural hair, dreads or braids…so they have no choice.

    16. So every BW should be attractive based on his pov despite not every BW finding him attractive. His opinion should remain a personal preference for the individual woman he dates. And considering that he was in love with a walking plastic contradiction for years and dates across the board women who wear weave, makeup, and things to enhance their beauty he should keep some opinions to himself.

      Not logical or rational over all and could harm his earning potential and brand.


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