Matt Barnes Is Sick of Paying So Much Child Support!


    matt barnes child support gloria govan

    Now that Matt Barnes has his twin boys 71% of the time, he’s asking for a judge to reduce his $20,000 per month child support payments.

    According to sources, since Matt is now retired from the league, and his ex-wife, Gloria Govan, only has the boys 29% of the time, he doesn’t think he should be on the hook for the hefty payment.

    He added his income is around $150,000, and he believes he should only be paying $2,798 per child, per month. That equates to a total annual payment of $67,148 to Gloria for the year.

    Gloria has yet to respond.


    1. Oh they were better than the other couples.. Only to learn she had to sleep with him for a washer/dryer. My goodness how can women sell themselves so low..
      He married a tramp, he tried to make a housewive

      • I don’t think he married a tramp because she was taking CARE of their children. He probably was controlling because he made the MONEY!!!!!! He proclaims his love for her(maybe) and then having her looking subpar. Bet everytime he stepped out he had on the latest Jordan’s…….fresh to def in other words.

    2. Him seem VINDICTIVE!!!!!!! I bet living with him was like living without teeth that was just pulled out with RUSTY PLIERS. He showing a new bitchassness!!!!!!! I saw her on the basketball wives and she kinda look tore up from the floor up!!!!!!!! While she was tossin sheets for a washer and dryer she should have done alittle something extra for a wardrobe!!!!!!!!!

    3. Unfortunately his and her children can read about the phuckery before they are even grown.
      Save this nonsense for when they are grown and keep it out of the ‘news’ for damn sake!


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