Matt Barnes Defends Rob Kardashian & Takes Shots At All Baby Mamas


    matt barnes child support blac chyna

    Yesterday, we reported Robert Kardashian was aiming to get his $20,000 child support payment eliminated. Matt Barnes chimed in to lend his support, and Blac Chyna had this to say:

    Now Matt has recorded a message to all baby mamas, saying it doesn’t take a massive amount of money to raise a kid, and he thinks most of these women are using their child support checks to buy clothing and handbags.

    What y’all think?


    1. Oh well bless, they’re have a #MeToo moment, about child support??? In the words of Mr BB King–“it’s cheaper to keep her”. There are a variety of options in birth control now for men and women…If you stop acting like a pu$$y, you won’t be treated like one.

      • BB King made that song? I thought it was Johnnie Taylor. I hope more of these guys gain custody of their kids. This pay day baby shit needs to stop.

    2. I think Matt needs to stop using all that hair oil. When he’s balling and sweats, it might run down into his eyes.

    3. Seriously though, Matt shouldn’t defend Blob Kardashian. Makes him look suspect.

      Blob is a mark anyway. Even Jaden’s weird azz was in Chyna’s dms. ?

    4. YTF is this black man negatively commenting about a black woman and supporting a white man publicly! Don’t know what they have in common but he needs to go read some books! And he’s raising black boys. smh

    5. Matt Barnes is silly and he crazy. She may want to pump her breaks before her feelings get hurt. The only reason he ain’t going all gas and no breaks right now is because he just got custody of his own kids and trying to play it nice.

      If I was Rob I would play broke too. I would not give her a dime after how she did him.

      • Blob Kardashian is smarter than we thought playing broke. He might claim he has no funds, yet clearly has not missed a meal in years!

    6. Bobs mother is running the show…. So you know whose going to win this fight in the big picture. But either way even the crumbs the Kardashians throw at Black China is q Huge Come Up and will keep her living the Good Life….. Just Saying

    7. Bobs mother is running the show and Chris plays to win …So Rob has nothing to worry about. Just Saying

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