Mary J Blige & Faith Evans Exchange Blows at Diddy’s Party?!


    mary j blige faith evans fight

    Diddy hosted a party in the Hamptons, and rumors are swirling that Mary J. Blige and Faith Evans got into a physical altercation.

    So far, there’s no proof and video hasn’t surfaced of this alleged fight, just people all over Twitter claiming something DEFINITELY went down between the two R&B superstars.

    Black Hollywood is wild’n out!!!


    1. I’m not surprised at Faith after the gross flashing, but Mary is better than that. Don’t even let her take you there, queen.

      With Faith’s yelling ass wack records.

    2. I refuse to believe this BS. Didn’t know Faith was sooooo desperate for a man and cash money.
      Oh I forgot she will keep her supply of coke on hand, Stevie will make sure she has her drug of choice.. It a shame because Stevie can really play the piano, sing, write and produce hit records.
      Sadly drugs, women and other means to get high and do nothing.Mary is just trying to get herself out of many defaults, regarding loans, housing and etc..I don’t think either of them need this type of attention..Now I’d they were teaming up on Puffy. Then beat his arse, he cheats all of his artists out of their correct percentage. It dreadful to think these two would fight over anything, but they can fight Puffy about cheating them out of millions…..That I would pay to see

    3. Why are they even attending parties like this? Poofy reminds me of an old supervisor who would invite everyone to his house to snap photos after they were drunk and high and then blackmail them. He had an entire photo album of embarrassing photos of people. Kept them in check to do what he wanted.

      • I posted the same thing CrazyChris—-her ex was taking out loans that she never knew anything about.. It a shame you can’t trust your spouse with doing what’s right for her.
        He was stealing money for his family and his whorer..


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