Love & Hip Hop’s Apple Watts Outchea Smelling Strippa P***y!


    apple watts smelling strippers

    Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Apple Watts hit up a strip club and did a sniff test on the dancers’ punannys!

    And Apple’s verdict was: “FYI they didn’t stink”

    You can watch Apple smell the cat here.


    1. That’s fucking disgusting and degrading tbh. She look like her ass stink with all them ugly tattoos!

      • I agree. Too much of anything is not good for you. I see so many women with tattoos spread all over their hands, chest, arms, backs and it looks trashy and cheap.

    2. Let her keep on………she gonna get some of that truffle butter up her nose and the next time she blows her nose she gonna have a tissue full of mushrooms!!!!!!!!!


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