LMAO: R Kelly Fan Interrupts Press Conference


    r kelly fan press conference

    As R. Kelly’s publicist Darryll Johnson gave a statement to reporters following the singer’s arrest for failure to pay child support, Johnson was interrupted by a fan who had some harsh words for him, including “Free R Kelly, man!”

    According to sources, the man was angry because the singer’s publicists wasn’t proclaiming his innocence.


    1. This whole damn thing ain’t nothing but a sideshow to direct our attention from something else.

    2. So Ain’t Nobody Going To Say Nothing About R. Kelly’s Publicist’s Popped Up GQ Coat Collar (With A Damn Neck Scarf On).

      @Darryll Johnson……This Is Not The 1980s Anymore!!

    3. Kells should’ve paid me more money!
      Hollywood Darryll is on the way baby!!
      Shout out to The American Government for making all this possible!!!
      Shout out to White America baby I love ya’ll more than I love myself!!!!
      Shout out to Rob for the media circus!!!!!
      And least but not last shout out to you boo, you know who you are (wink).

    4. Shout out to the black women who ran to the feminazi Gloria Allred to help destroy a black man’s life. Fuck those self hating bitches!

    5. Black women let me tell you something, everything R Kelly is being accused of, Hugh Hefner did years ago. In other words, a black man is being criminally charged for the exact same shit a old white man did for over 50 years. This is a high tech lynching of a black man. Bitches like Dream Hampton are helping racist white Amerikkka lynch a black man. Fuck her and fuck every single black woman who is protesting against R Kelly.

        • He has no defense for r.kelly other than “look what this white man did”…yea im sure that’ll work brilliantly in court

      • Those white girls parents didn’t know, didn’t show, or really didn’t care about what was going on in the Hood. Rob money wasn’t long enough to do it like Hef.

    6. This is the reality. R Kelly was pimping those girls out. He pissed some1 off hence the his downfall.
      Also they needed to deflect attention away from Singer, Weinstein, Spacey and others.

      Think about this, when has the media ever cared about anything that happens to Black folks. Now all of a sudden they care. Wake up ppl.

      • What’s fucked up is that the “Me Too” movement was created by a black woman. Racist white feminazis stole it from her and used that movement to destroy black men!

        • Some of the original black creators have now distanced themselves because the whyte feminazi’s have turned it into a witchhunt.

    7. why do you guys keep making excuses for r kelly do you realize he was SEX TRACKIFFING YOUNG BLACK GIRLS r kelly is also invovled in kidnapping or kiling young black girls when it comes organ stealing like kenika jenkins remember her she was killed becasue they wanted her organs r kelly was invovled in that too. the only reason r kelly was not guilty becasue the boule got him got of that shit now they going to kill him kelly time is up

    8. Its sad that our KANGS, PROVIDERS AND PROTECTORS..jokes….want the right to RAPE BLACK CHILDREN.

      • Last time I checked, most black countries have legalised paedophile since the birth of PATRIARCHY. The white man just wants the same rights as black men… The right to rape/marry children. Black men call this TRADITION.

    9. Quote from Dr. Boyce Watkins, “Black women you have been brainwashed to believe that the well being of the white woman supersedes the well being of everybody else, particularly the black man”

      Thank you Dr. Watkins, one hundred percent facts!

      • Go Fuck Yourself Bitch…

        You Are a Piece of Shit and NOT a supporter of Black Women… may every Black Woman in your path Spit, Piss, &/or Shit on You… and may the Lord have No Mercy on your Soul.

        • ^^^THIS. ASHE. AND SO BE IT. CURSES upon CURSE to all paedophiles and rapists and their supporters. By all means necessary.

    10. All those black men present should have stopped his sick arse over three decades ago. Instead of supporting monsters they should have protected the babies. But then again only pedophiles and rapists support other pedophiles and rapists. And in the black community there are a lot of rapists and paedophiles.


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