Lil Wayne: Jay-Z Helped Me Pay My Taxes


    jay z lil wayne taxes

    It pays to be Jay-Z’s friend because Lil Wayne just revealed the generous mogul helped him pay off his taxes.

    We’re not sure how much Jigga gave Weezy, but as of February 2016, Wayne owed the IRS $12.8 million.


    1. Jay-Z knows about Lil Wayne’s health issues(frequent seizures), so Jay-Z took out life insurance on Lil W. Knowing that he may die soon. One way or the other, Jay is getting his money back.

    2. If anyone thinks he did this out of the goodness of his heart, you’re crazy as f*ck.

      Jay has an angle here. Can’t wait to see what it is.

    3. They all have an angel—- but Wayne been begging for him own money he EARNED.
      His so called daddy been living large off of his rappers and not paying them what he owes them

    4. Can little Wayne do simple math? Is he surrounded by just yes men and no one he can trust to help him with his finances? I realize that he got in the game extremely young, but just like the athletes, with no formal education, he’ll be in the poor house. Rappers=athletes. I would type more, but I know you all understand what I’m talking about.

    5. I wonder all what he had to do for him to pay his taxes off! ? Celebrities can’t even take a picture together for free so he had to do something.


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