LHHH Moniece Slaughter Files Police Report Against Princess Love


    moniece princess love police

    Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Moniece Slaughter filed a police report after she and Princess Love almost came to blows while filming a scene for the reality show.

    Moniece allegedly threw cake at Princess, and Princess fired back by alleging throwing a rock and a shoe at Moniece. Sources close to Princess said she admitted to throwing the rock but was adamant that Moniece started the fight.

    Who was in the wrong?


    1. Monice should not be calling no cops on nobody. If someone called the cops on her every time she popped off, she would’ve been in jail since season 1.

    2. Throwing a rock and a shoe compared to some cake.Princess is trying to kill this girl because she really mad Moneice slept with Ray J. This drama that princess has with everyone that sleeps with Ray J has to stop.

      • No. Moniece is crazy. She has had a myriad of incidents with people on and off air. It is ALWAYS the other person’s fault.
        And every single guy that has slept with her later on state how crazy she is. Tank said she stalked him, wrecked a car and threw eggs at his house and car because he wouldn’t keep banging her .


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