Larsa Pippen Files for Divorce From Scottie Pippen


    larsa pippen divorce scottie

    Larsa and Scottie Pippen’s relationship is on the rocks once again. This time, after more than a year of deciding to reconcile, Larsa has filed for divorce from the former NBA player.

    Larsa told TMZ:

    “It is with deep sadness that Scottie and I announce that we are legally separating. We have both tried very hard for a long time to make our marriage work and have ultimately come to the conclusion that it is best that we live separate lives. We have so many amazing memories together, remain best of friends and love each other very much. Our four children have always been our priority and for their sake we ask for as much privacy as possible for our family during this sensitive time.”

    Larsa claims she and Scottie separated on October 29, and she’s also asking for joint legal and physical custody of their 4 minor children. She’s also asking for spousal support for an undisclosed amount.

    They estranged couple has had multiple issues over the years. Scottie filed for divorce back in 2016, but they called it off in 2017. Cops even came to their home twice for domestic disturbance calls, but no one was arrested. Larsa also reportedly had a fling with Future during one of their breakups.

    The couple has been married since 1997.


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