Carmelo Finally Wins LaLa Back


    lala carmelo back together

    After Carmelo Anthony allegedly got another woman pregnant, he and his wife, LaLa Anthony, separated in April 2017. But it looks like all of Carmelo’s begging and pleading worked because LaLa is officially giving him another chance.

    The TV personality posted this throwback picture of her and her hubby, with the caption:

    “Best friends who were trying to figure this thing called love out…❤️ #tbt”



    1. These two cant cheat on on another they are swingers. Carmelo just messed up by getting old girl pregnant

    2. They both cheated on each other. That scene on that show is prob what led Carmelo to cheat. That was ridiculous. You don’t do that when you married, men are jealous, more than they show you.

    3. A lesbian marrying a sexual ambiguous man is never a bright idea.
      People always go in on music artist, but when are they going to start calling out the tall queen’s that play in the NBA? It’s way too many overlooking that fact because they like the sport.


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