Kenya Moore’s Pregnancy Health Crisis


    kenya moore pregnancy health scare

    Kenya Moore is in the midst of a pregnancy crisis after her doctor ran tests and discovered she has possible preeclampsia. The 47-year-old reality star also let her fans know that baby Daly may be coming sooner than expected due to her health issues.

    “I made fun of my swollen feet at @cynthiabailey10 party. Next day my tests came back for possible preeclampsia… I gained 17 lbs in ONE week due to severe swelling and water retention, high blood pressure, and excess protein in urine. This is NOT normal! I took more tests. Baby is fine but if they come back higher #babydaly will have to come same day. Staying positive. To my pregnant sisters please go to your visits and tell the doctor of any drastic changes. Thank God I have great doctors.?? #babydaly #highrisk #love #family #miraclebaby #kenyamoore #babybump #pregnantover40”


      • That’s sexist as hell! She’s can afford to have children and not rely on the public assistance to help her take care of her children. Would you rather her be young with no means to take care of her child? Why are you admonishing her for making sure she had the means to take care of her child? Also, preclampsia can happen to any pregnant woman at any age. Pick up a book before you start spewing bullshit from your mouth.

        • Women who have kids at this age are selfish and aren’t thinking about the well being of the baby. She wasn’t financially stable by her mid 30’s??? I said what I said …

          • What about men who have babies later in life? Are they selfish as well? Kenya wanted to be married and have a baby so that’s what she did. Nothing wrong with wanting to have a spouse opposed to being a baby mama.

          • Men like you are the first ones hollering about gold-diggers! Truth be told, men are supposed to be women’s providers and protectors. But, you skinny jeans wearing, can’t change oil nor a tire because you don’t want to mess up your nails, fem boys, do not know anything about this!
            This is why the birth rate is decreasing because this generation of fuck boys are causing women to rely on themselves.
            So if a woman has to wait to get her shit together before having a child then so be it!

          • So you want her to be like a kartrashian/ jenhim and have a child out of wedlock?

            If she wanted to wait until she was married that is her biz …you Trife Ass MF.

      • Having a baby at almost 48 years of age is life threatening to both the woman and child. You can rationalize it anyway you want. Now I’ll be watching football all day/nite and don’t have time nor interest to comment any further to the delusional females …

        • If you were really a male you would have never said anything on the topic to begin with and kept your raggedy ass BS of a comment to yourself.

    1. Sorry, I don’t wish her well. She made some ignorant ass comments a while back on how she wanted her child to look. She didn’t want the child to have black features. Maybe her health issues are her karma. No prayers from me for her.

      • I don’t know what she said nor do I care, but if the child has black features and treats her like shit when they come of age…THAT will be her karma.

        Besides if she winds up being one of those shit mothers the child does have a father so I do wish her a safe delivery for bringing in the world a child with two parents of similar hue & not some mixed concoction.

        • Judging from her past comments, she wanted “some mixed concoction”. She wanted a child w/straight hair & nose.

          • If she wanted that she could have gotten that…the fact of the matter is her child will be black and have black features.

      • But she doesn’t want that. She said she wanted a child w/good hair & straight nose. She said it a while back on RHOA.

        • Do you know how many dudes who date out think and say the exact same thing?

          She married a man of hue which means her child will have color no matter what, which is more than I can say for those who marry out & have kids with those mongrels.

    2. I don’t know if these ankles and feet belong to her but why on earth is she broadcasting this????????
      Is she showing off? Or is this supposed to be a medical moment minus the doctor?


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