Katt Williams Bows Down to Tiffany Haddish


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    Katt Williams went on a rant on V-103 and claimed Tiffany Haddish was successful because she slept with white men. But now, just a few days later, he’s bowing down to the newest queen of comedy.

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    The two met up at the Emmy Awards and it looks like Tiffany has forgiven him for talking smack!


    1. Umm hmm. The ass you kick on the way up is the ass you kiss on your way down. Take this L and this goblet of STFU, take a number, and a seat…in the rear.

    2. This is over the top and he’s trying to embarrass her. She’s just another BW they use to spew vulgar language for entertainment. I fast forwarded through Girls Trip and only watched it for Koffy and they managed to mess up his role too! I know he’s glad to have his Queen Shuggar role after that!

    3. She or her people must have cut him a check and offered him a role. Basically, the Drake strategy; buy daps. He can’t stand her.

    4. The boules and prince hall masons must have given Katt Williams another warning. Remember Pimp Chronicles? Remember Katt exposed the DL culture in the black community? The boules gave him a wake up call. He had to bow down to the queen of coons, Tiffany Haddish or he would suffer serious consequences. Still respect Katt, one of the few comedians who is bold enough to tell the truth!

    5. Black men the only time you should get down on your knees is when you are praying to God/Yahweh. Never ever get on your knees for a black woman; doing so means you are surrendering your power to the black woman. The black woman should get on her knees for you.


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