Kanye Sued for Stiffing Yeezy Manufacturer


    kanye sued yeezy fabric

    Kanye West’s Yeezy brand reportedly requested $624,000 worth of fleece fabric in June 2018 from manufacturing company Toki Sen-I Co. The company, who has done business with Yeezy in the past, said after the rapper’s brand requested the 53,500 yards of fleece, they produced the fabric, and then Yeezy backed out of the deal!

    The manufacturer was unable to sell the fabric to other buyers because “it was s specific to the Yeezy brand no one wanted it.”

    Toki Sen-I Co wants Yeezy to pay the $624K plus storage fees.


    1. Pay up Kanye that was wrong.

      Maybe i’m old fashioned but men too heavily involved in fashion is not heterosexual. Lol.

      He got his hands on his hips about to walk down the runway. Ha ha ha!

    2. I guess he took a page out of his HERO’s book. Maybe if he wears his MAGA hat he’ll get a discount.


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