Kanye Says He’s Out Of The Sunken Place


    kanye west sunken place

    Now that Kanye is out of Calabasas and back in Chicago, he’s telling his fans he’s “out of the sunken place” and he’s ready to address some issues.


    1. It’s cloudy in DC I wouldn’t mind it. I should cook a vegetable stew this weekend. I just need to get some celery, thyme, and butternut squash because I have everything else. @6:57 Thanks for an idea!

    2. I can never take Kanye seriously since he married that kardtrashian. News flash everyone is going to talk about that hoe because they all been with her. He acts like she’s mother Teresa or sum.

    3. So what level of sunkeness is he in……cuz you know there’re levels to the sunken place………

    4. Kanye obviously hasn’t watched the movie” Get Out”…go watch it Kanye then you’ll know exactly how to get out of that sunken place cause from the sounds of this recording…you’re still there bro…

    5. Sooo….

      Your wife spreads her cooch on camera for everyone to see from one end of the universe to the other and you have a problem??


      Love how you’re making ‘threats’ from Chi- Town.

      Hope Chiraq doesn’t take you out first before California Crips.


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