Kanye Lies About Kim Attending Law School


    kanye kim law school

    When he was asked about his thoughts on his wife, Kim Kardashian, getting active in prison reform, Kanye couldn’t be anymore proud. The rapper also dropped this nugget:

    “My wife is in law school now, and it’s extremely serious to us.”

    A rep for Kim had to clarify in a statement to Page Six. The reality star, who attended a community college but never graduated, isn’t enrolled in law school either, her rep said. “But rather she’s deeply involved in prison reform and likened her work to attending school,” the publication wrote.


    1. Tired black man’s wife is NOT deeply involved in prison reform but they use each other for publicity. Michelle Alexander (The New Jim Crow) IS involved in prison reform and it’s why she wrote her book. Did the Kar woman read this book, yet? Alexander’s lineage allows her to see the entire picture not a corner of it. Real folks don’t care anymore about injected booties, breasts and lips! Most of us are trying to stretch dollars to feed our children not pose with them for likes!

    2. When you compare a bimbo who sucked a mile of ****s to get some fame, to people who spent years studying the law in preparation for one of the most rigorous professions in existence…

      Kim Kardashian is an ignorant piece of trash. Her “activism,” is probably to distract from that, and the fact that Kanye wifed her anyway.

    3. How the Fuck do you not know your so-called wife didn’t even finish community college?

      What type of sham is this?

      Married with kids and don’t even know who the Bitch really is…smfh.

    4. Didn’t anyone tell him you can’t turn a hoe into a lawyer?

      She probably thinks Pro Bono means to be an advocate for boners.

    5. Look I guess we need all the help we can get…….even if she sucks a bag of d***s……………..

      • No, we don’t need this vacuum cleaner’s help. There’s real activists, politicians, and lawyers handling that.

    6. You can’t ever lie on a hoe in a good way to ever make her look good, stupidest shit ever a fake broad from head to toe making prison mtfs think she actually cares, it’s to boost her hoe ass career nothing more that butch is scared of all those prisoners

      • Stockholm syndrome or the result of racism mixed with male competition. Also, some of them think the only “hot” women they can get are these chitlin white women (low self-esteem or they live in a flyover).

        It couldn’t be actual attraction. There’s better looking black women at the bus stop in any hood or walking around a village somewhere in Africa.


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