Kanye & Kim Attack Travis Scott & Drake


    drake kanye travis scott

    drake kanye travis scott 2

    Kanye and Kim tagged team against Travis Scott and Drake last night in a series of weird posts after Ye accused Travis of making “threats” against him.

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    #KimKardashian addresses #Drake

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    1. She needs to stop trying to deflect the fact she let drake Fuck…if she would’ve kept her stank twat closed, this would have never been an issue.

    2. Kanye didn’t pave the way for shit and kim’s Dumb ass needs to stfu and continue being the hoe that she is.

      • Agreed if anything most these current day(rip off)artist are paving a way backwards.Nothing original,more degrading material if anything mho…to each his/her own

    3. Girl kim sit yo dysfuctional delusional disrespectful to black people in every way ass down and come get yo crazass husband both you bitchez deserve each other

    4. Where’s the TS diss though? You mean the sisters’ menz is fightin??? Where’s the bowl of popcorn!

    5. Don’t she have a porn shoot somewhere……..don’t worry…….give her another ecstasy pill…….they’ll be friends again………….

    6. Kanye invented hiphop

      Kanye invented sampling

      Kanye is the world’s first gangster rapper

      We love you Kanye we wanna see you have a tantrum because we won’t recognise your talents

      We love when you pick.on cute little white girls like Taylor swift yeah Kanye show us all who the best producer is

      Kanye is god he went to the psycheward for our sins

    7. Kimi s Mary magdelene

      Let’s all pray to Kim Kardashian queen of spades

      All.hail the queen of the universe it’s Kim’s world we live in it

      Oh Kim we worship your fake unholy ass

      You are .fake and we praise you almighty kim mother of God’s kids

      Oh Kim please can we see your holy beautiful ass again you made black men around the world bow down

      Even Bruce Jenner had to get a sex change on honor of you goddess of heaven and earth

    8. I think Drake may need to STFU when it comes to those Kardashians. They seem pretty adept at screwing up men.

    9. I want a nice warm fluffy Popeye’s biscuit with a little butter on it. ? I think I want one of those Popeye’s po’ boys too.

      Hey, are Popeye’s po’boys as good as the real thing?

    10. U know when it’s like 5 in the morning and it’s mad quite cuz the world ain’t just wake up yet and you hear all the birds chirping ? That Kim Kardashian Everytime she speak

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