Kanye Finally Responds to Snoop


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    After Snoop clowned Kim Kardashian for being a thot, many people waited patiently for Kanye to respond. But instead of dragging Snoop for disrespecting his wife, Yeezy showed some love to his fellow rapper by wearing a T-shirt with a TBT photo of Snoop’s face on it.

    Does Kanye get props for taking the high road?


    1. No he’s scared of what might happen, just remember Kanye Stanks don’t hang around no street dudes he hangs around fags and and Dick rides the elite

      • No he’s not….coming from chicago, yes send ye back to LA but believe me he used to hang around some REAL street dudes…..im sure if he pushes the panic button ,he has a pocket full of cash and ONE favor left in him.

      • So do Snoop. He hang around OG’s that rape the younger gangsters as punishment. Sooo that’s fag stuff too…

    2. daz already threatened him lol


      TRUMP AND KANYE BOTH LIKE PORN STARS, AND PROSTITUTES, DONT FEEL SORRY FOR KANYE HE CAn diss wiz for marrying his ex dyke amber rose

      but now you don’t wanna run your mouth those meds phukking up kanye.

      willie d went in on kanye last week

      kanye west doesn’t care about black people

      like all so called pro black are self conscious or free thinking whatever you wanna call it kanye comes out makes music everybody relates to then dates black women but the money and fame come in and you start getting more light skin and white pussy and we know the rest

      kanye one of those dudes who wasn’t getting no pussy til he got famous

      whicxh is why lots of black men simp over white and Asian women when they start getting rich

      • Daz and Snoop are both married to hows as well. Snoop daughter ain’t even his. What kind of logical repectable woman would marry someone that promotes weed and sex. Gtfoh. They sides ain’t no saints.

    3. Kanye’s the type who’ll get buck on females, gays, and buppies.

      Any self proclaimed “street nigga” he kowtows too. Now u don’t hear a peep. Whatever.

    4. He better hope Jay and bey doesn’t have him sent back.in the psycheward

      All those years kissing their unholy asses

      Look at everybody who.went against Jay

      Dame might as put a dress on for Jay I.mean jigga even phukked Rachel.

      Beanie keeps getting shot and going to jail

      Cam’ron was shot

      He phukked over old school def jam.artists red man, method man, I mean all the east coast artists flopped but def jam southern rappers sold

    5. Snoop has the nerve to call Kim a whore when his body count is more likely ten times longer than hers. That nigga has stuck his dick in the nastiest pussies known to mankind and then with a straight face has the audacity to call someonelse a whore. Black male privilege is a trip.

    6. Snoops body count is most likely ten times greater than Kim’s. He has stuck his thing in the nastiest cavities known to mankind yet with a straight face has the audacity to call her out her name. Male privilege and delusion of grandeur is real.

      • While I agree he is no prize…Don’t stick up for that trash on here, no one with sense cares if she is called out her name.

        Thinking it is okay to be known for being an amateur porn chick, you should be dogged EVERY day of your life…The fact it doesn’t happen more often is the shocker.

    7. Snoop no woman in her right mind wants community or worldwide di%k, especially if it’s been up another man’s arsehole. And we all know to become famous men and women must sit on the casting couch and perform certain sexual acts…And that includes snoop, pot calling kettle black.


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