Jussie Smollett’s ‘Empire’ Role Gets Slashed


    jussie smollett empire role fired

    Amid new allegations that Jussie Smollett orchestrated the homophobic and racist attack in Chicago, his role in Empire has reportedly been reduced.

    Sources say Jussie was supposed to have nine scenes and a big musical number in the penultimate episode, but five of his scenes and his musical number have been cut.

    For the remaining four scenes, he’ll no longer be the focus.


    1. All that for nothing. Lee Daniels was probably behind this. Let me give Monique a call. I know she’ll spill the tea(LOL)

    2. I’m certain Jussie did the homo casting couch to get hollywood roles. All he got was a co starring role on Empire? Now his role has been cut because he is a liar. This gay fuck boy played himself! He may never work in hollywood again. I told you the Smolletts aren’t talented.

      • Journee does ok. Not great but I think Gugu Mbatha Raw or Carmen Ejogo probably would’ve brought more life to The Counselor but Aunjanue Eliis definitely would have killed it.

        Anyway, Jussie may have to talk to Geoffrey Owens about working at trader joes since his only other job was bagging groceries,

    3. This whole thing has Lee Daniels written over it.

      If this was Jussie’s character we would’ve heard about his ways before all this.

      The truth has been distorted and he’s takin the wrap for somebody.

    4. I Don’t think he did this alone I believe a lot of people talked him into it and he really didn’t want to but did it anyway and not really know the outcome not sticking to the story it went from white men to black men and it blew up only in his face my conclusion is this have to be a humiliation Ritual for him and in 5 months he will be back on top no pun intended.


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