John Singleton In a Coma After Suffering Stroke


    John Singleton stroke coma

    After suffering what was described as a ‘mild’ stroke, John Singleton is now in a coma.

    The director’s family has learned his health crisis was actually a major stroke, and the family is in the process of establishing a conservatorship for him.

    HSK broke the story. The 51-year-old “Boyz N the Hood” director traveled from Costa Rica back to Los Angeles and experienced problems with his legs. He then checked himself into Cedars-Sinai and suffered a stroke Wednesday in his hospital room.

    His mom, Shelia Ward, is asking a judge to appoint her temporary conservator because he is “unable to properly provide for his personal needs for physical health, food, clothing, or shelter.”


    1. Wow……It’s Unimaginable How (1) Event Can Change Your Life……In A Split Second……So Fast, So Unexpectedly…..Altering Your Life Forever.

      Love When You Can…..While You Can……&……As Much As You Can!!!

      Sending Well Wishes To John Singleton

    2. I wonder if this is the new way to take people out…

      First luke perry now john, things that make you go, hmmmm…..

        • I’m talking about the stroke thing goofy…

          Left eyes death was strange because out of 7 people SHE was the only one who died in that car wreck.

          But john’s stroke is making more sense since they are saying he may have had an embolism in his leg that traveled to his brain after he got off a flight…black people do tend to get blood clots more while flying.

    3. People need to worry about this 5G BS they are trying to roll out…something about it isn’t right.

      I have Never had issues before, but for some reason just this year I have been hearing a buzz in my ear and the frequencies change from low to high…I am generally a highly intuitive, sensitive person…but this frequency thing, that can actually be heard isn’t normal.

      Just to give an example the buzz sounds like those things you plug in to keep insects out of your house or keep them away from certain areas, because of the frequency it emanates …the noise is similar to that…it feels like they are conducting a human experiment by bringing in this higher frequency that is meant for the detriment of society…Stay Woke!

      • I’ve been having these weird headaches for the last month, everyday. What your saying is spot on!

    4. In case you guys didn’t know, April is considered a holy month for satanists. Remember Prince died in the month of April.


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