Joe Budden Caught Cheating On Cyn Santana With Brown-Skinned Side Piece


    joe budden cheating cyn santana

    A random internet blogger was in Miami and ran into Joe Budden and his alleged brown-skinned side piece strolling down the street.

    Hit the play button to see Joe caught in the act.

    Joe and his baby mama, Cyn Santana, have reportedly broken up, and Joe told fans during his live Tampa podcast they haven’t spoken in weeks and Cyn moved out of his home.


      • So you know about his woman beating ass to. I heard about it years ago, then Tahiry alluded to it, I was like this muther focker crazy.

    1. Blondie at the 21 and over club…… Need to be at a weave shop getting the weavable believable………

    2. Just saw NBA Is Fixed and EJ Johnson at Bollwevils on Clairmont Mesa in San Diego sitting on same side of table while sharing a Steerburger w/extra cheese and a large Tab. Was really surprised at how zaftig NBA is and he/she (NBA) mentioned that the Gout was extremely busy this week.
      Blood sacrifice coming?


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