Roc Nation Addresses Rumors Jay Z Created $15 Million Trust Fund for Nipsey Hussle’s Kids


    jay z nipsey hussle trust fund

    After Nipsey Hussle’s tragic murder, a rumor that Jay Z created a $15 million trust fund for the slain rapper’s two kids, Emani and Kross Asghedom, began floating around the internet.

    Finally, the rumor has been put to rest.


    1. people believe everything and im sure jays people were behind it. mf’s prop him up like some messiah out here.

    2. Someone needs to be held accountable for misleading the public with inaccurate information. Its wrong that anybody could put lies out there and not face punishment. It should be a crime to put out false information.

    3. There’s too many blogs and YouTube sites that do these click baits for views and money. It needs to stop. Its been getting out of hand. The internet is a gift and a curse.


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