Israel Houghton’s Ex-Wife Broke & Facing Foreclosure

israel houghton ex wife foreclosure

The home disgraced gospel singer Israel Houghton shared with his ex-wife Meleasa and their four kids is now facing forclosure.

Israel had been making payments up until recently, and now the mortgage is past due $89K. In order to save the house, Meleasa or Israel will need to cough up the total amount of the loan, which is $608,654.17!

Now that Israel has a new wife, The Real’s Adrienne Bailon, and two out of wedlock babies to take care of, and he’s unemployed, it looks like Meleasa will have to kiss her home goodbye.


  1. Well doesn’t he look flaming to me.. If he can’t afford to take care of his ex and kids, how can he afford Adrienne whoring ass????? She just married a has been, he better get on the singing ?
    concerts soon. I can see them divorcing soon..

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