Gospel Singer Gets Fired for Cheating on His Wife W/ Adrienne Bailon!

israel houghton adrienne bailon fired

Damn, this story keeps getting better and better. Just days after the media caught wind of Adrienne Bailon’s relationship with gospel signer, Israel Houghton, their relationship quickly began to unravel.

It was discovered that Israel had just divorced his wife of 20 years earlier this year, and admitted his infidelities caused their breakup. Adrienne also pulled the plug on her engagement back in September 2015, and it was suspected that she was the woman behind Israel’s divorce.

Although Israel tried to defend their relationship on social media, there’s one person who isn’t buying it…mega church pastor Joel Osteen! It has been confirmed that Israel was placed on “indefinite leave” a.k.a. fired from his leadership position at Joel’s Lakewood church.

Here’s the statement Lakewood Church gave to Radar Online:

“Lakewood Church released Israel Houghton from his responsibilities as a worship leader [in February] and placed him on indefinite leave. Since that time, he has not been featured in any Lakewood Church related activities. Lakewood Church is not at liberty to discuss publicly any details regarding Israel’s personal situation, but stands ready to provide Israel with spiritual counseling and guidance should he choose to seek it,”

This man just lost his wife and his job over Adrienne’s va-jay-jay LOL! Big dummy!


  1. No saying looks are everything but I feel Jacky should have some type of disclaimer when there will be displeasing photos posted, lol. Seriously, this is not surprising as the flesh is weak.

  2. I forgot to mention, After Israels money dries up I'm sure Adrienne will have a change of heart.

  3. Joel does not want that image associated with his church.
    Translated: Joel isn't going to let anyone f**k up his coins especially some black guy, lol

    • I wonder how long before Joel bad habits catch up with him.. He's not as squeaky clean as he pretends..

  4. Israel is biracial. His ex wife Meleasa is beautiful and so are his three kids. Adrienne is going to reap what she sows. The women on the talk better be extra careful particularly Tamar because I could see Adrienne trying to seduce Vince.

  5. Now that Israel has no job I think it's time to give this ho Adrienne her walking papers to. She's two faced and I don't think she has the right to sit and give advice.

  6. Well she is a "CHEETAH GIRL" after all. This fat b trying to act all holy than thou and walking around looking like one donut short of busting out of that bathing suit. All that lipo and laying on her back and them them fat rolls between the two of them…YUK! He should've waited about 6 mos to be out in public…damn. He only announced the Divorce a week ago and he's "Free Willing" his behind in Mexico with this bish! She's messy and has a track record of home busting. YUK..all that money and she looks like a fat Mexican lady in a swimsuit and she's Domician I think or Rican….SMDH

    • I'm thinking because this has been openly exposed, i.e. pictures, etc. They knew this man (lakewood church) was cheating on his wife, but as long as it wasn't exposed, everything was okay. I believe many more of these incidents will be coming out more this year.

  7. 1.big belly men, yuk
    2. big belly men, yuuuk
    3. big belly men, eeeeww

    the church did the right thing. Amen. go sit down. they must know more, because they sat him down in February!

  8. Dumb bitch doesn't understand the basic law of human nature: how you got him is how you lose him AND if he cheats with you, he'll cheat on you. Nobody escapes the law of nature.

  9. I'm sure he wished he left that marriage years ago. Staying for the kids, family, or he church is no reason to stay married just for the sake of being married. Living with someone you can't stand or living with a spouse that more like a roommate isn't worth it.

  10. When you leave after 20 years you already know that he probably stayed for the kids. A lot of people are getting divorced after 20 years. If you are miserable, why stay another 20????

    Good for him! Who cares what Joel Osteen thinks? Joel ain't God. He's just a man.

  11. Who is to say he left because he only stayed for the kids? I think he is middleaged and lost his mind cheated and decided this trick was worth losing his marriage over. Let me tell y'all something Adrienne is after this mans money. Isreal is a very very successful gospel singer. This chick is not attracted to this man. She has been waiting on a come up like this since she stopped messing with Rob Kardashian. She probably sucking this man dry and throwing that cat on him every chance she gets. She will probably get pregnant forcing him to marry her. And then she will spend her marriage cheating on him and making him feel like s*it. And he is going to regret everything he put his wife thru. I can see it coming.

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