French Montana Gets Dragged for Calling Black Woman a ‘Nappy H*e’

french montana black woman nappy

French Montana is getting dragged after popping off on a black woman.

The woman questioned French’s relevancy, and that’s when he fired back with this.

After the Internet went in on him, French tried to explain himself and failed.


  1. This is what happens when non-blacks hear this language from their black friends. They are given permission to use the N word and other derogatory words by extension specially towards black women.

    What happened to all the commenters on this site.

    • That’s a good question. Ive been a commenter her for about a year now, and I recently stopped for a period because most of the post on this site just weren’t worth commenting on. Most of this stuff is just lukewarm tea, or just stuff I personally couldn’t care less about. I miss when HSK had all the juicy articles, and great piping hot tea; receipts included! Most of this stuff isn’t even tea.

    • I’ll say I stopped being a regular commenter when this site became inundated with basketball wives and LHHATLA shit.

    • Up until 2 years ago this site was getting 30-100 comments on every piece. The regulars were smart and funny. But TPTB here started banning folks they didn’t like and the quality of the discourse went to hell in a handbasket. Those who stayed went “anonymous” and it’s been all downhill since.

      I used to post here several times a day, and now I check the site once a week. It’s a damn shame because they really had something going back then.

  2. Who is French and what us his job title?? I would be rapper, well are you calling your mother and your ex beard a nappy ass whorer????? I can’t tolerate the word if I offended anyone, I’m sorry..
    If is not an apology, no son you were wrong period, point blank.. Your statement should be I’m sorry to all the Black women and mothers I offended.. If is not an apology.

  3. Fuck him and everyone else who has a problem with black women. Some of Our own men go against us but who are the majority ones you see on CNN protesting after some white bastard kills a black man for no reason a black woman. Black women are powerful and strong we are and will always be a threat

    • No no no Puffy fucks all his artist.. Every once and a while he’s on the bottom..LOL

  4. Has he look in the mirror with that fuck up wack azz cut he rocking go suck puffy dick bitch azz hoe

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