Industry Insider Reveals Aaliyah Was A “Wild Girl, Opportunist”


“I’m so tired of everyone making it seem like she was some type of Angel.”

HSK Exclusive – Aaliyah may have not been ‘One in a Million’ after all. Know why? Because one industry insider has broken their silence, revealing the late pop singer as nothing more than a calculating individual who was ready to smash her way to the top.

Now, it seems to be if Aaliyah was still alive — Beyonce may not have been known as the reigning pop star she is today. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Jigga.

“Wild things used to go on with Rocafella back in the day … mainly with Aaliyah.”


Here’s the drop:

“She was an opportunist and Jay really did like her before she started smashing Dame. Jay was real about it though. She also had a lesbian relationship with one of her supposed best friends. She was a wild girl. Dame was gonna marry her because he too was an opportunist. They were perfect for one another.

To make matters worse, now one of her best friends has a baby with Dame. I guess what goes around comes around!!!”



  1. ezactly !!!! only real fans and supporters know that she really is celibate. listen carefully to her interviews and lyrics. POW

    • i remember that too she did say she never wanted to write any songs but she wanted to make music for Every and any body while expressing herself AT THE SAME TIME and she said it herself that she is “HARD TO GET” and she wouldnt embarrass her family by having sex before marriage. POW

      • If she didn’t want to “embarrass” her family. Her family wouldn’t have let her be around R. Kelly. Since she wasn’t writing any music, the song writer was essentially making the music for any and everybody. “sex before marriage”? yeah sure kid. OPEN WIDE!

        • faggot obviously you are not a fan. why do you continue to talk about her, just buy her albums and donate to the Memorial Fund Her family never allowed her around adults unless it was for business purposes only and once those psychotic rumors started making a lingo around her name then they made her change her producers on the spot. Read the f*cking facts

          • Yeah sure, Anyone who’s not on the “Aaliyah was an angel” bandwagon is automatically a “faggot”. Get the f*ck out of here with bullshit. Grow up and face reality. Aaliyah was well groomed by the industry, her parents and R. Kelly. Aaliyah was no angel. Notice how there’s no movie about her yet. Now why would her mother want to do a film about her daughter without talking about some unsavory subjects? Something to hide? It would only make the film seem unrealistic without telling some truths.

            • you really do seem like a faggot lmao you’re one of those delusional obsessed fans that doesn’t know anything about Aaliyah and you continue to feed off the media and these bloggers when they’re just one of the pigs like yourself. everybody already knows that There isn’t any music or movie because Aaliyah’s mother doesn’t fully own the estate. Aaliyah’s uncle is only after the money and he’s the one that made the counterfeit marriage certificate as a publicity stunt so that it can boost record sales. Aaliyah’s mother is aware of all this and thats why she isn’t ready to talk to scriptwriters. you mad or nah. just have patience

            • @Faye, far from obsesses child. What’s with the different user names? It seems like you’re obsessed since you’re the only one all up in Aaliyah’s dead ass. R. Kelly wasn’t allowed to do anything her parents didn’t say to do. Just patience my ass. Aaliyah’s mother was always in her corner in terms of business. And a film could have been made years ago. “Boost record sales”? I guess Aaliyah wasn’t as talented as ya’ll thought. LOL Grow up.

            • I’m already grown therefore as a true fan I’m defending that Aaliyah is the best no matter what y’all squirms say lmfao and I actually saw this topic trending on the homepage so that’s enough proof that Aaliyah gets all the attention either way. Goodnight

            • @Faye, whatever helps you sleeps at night. I could care less whether she’s trending or not. Time reveals all and you’re just mad there’s nothing you can do to cover it up. So yeah, sleep tight!

            • ewwwwwww mister just stop it with your wishful thinking. there is NOTHING to cover up because Aaliyah never had any problems or anything to hide and she was never submissive. its FACTS. and YOU aint nothing but a madMAN thats just proving yourself as one of the administrators of THIS FAKE BLOG that im typing in right now. Satan you’ve already lost. Goodbye

            • @Faye, uh huh. Anyone not on the “Aaliyah dick riding” train is “Satan”. You gotta try better than that CHILD. Call this a “fake blog” all you like. But this isn’t the only website to question Aaliyah’s past. Get over it and get over yourself. There’s nothing you can do. Dead or alive, time still reveals all. Deal with it or kill yourself. Cheerio!

            • karma already revealed all. The websites that you are referring to are saying that THIS website likes to mix truth with lies SMH and from what i see it has NO facts on Aaliyah. so you might as well kill yourself while youre currently being INVESTIGATED & cinnamon toast CRUNCHED. goodbye ginger

            • Yeah sure. I know it’s hard to face reality, hopefully when you’re older you’ll realize that’s it’s not cool to be a stan nor hate on anyone has enough sense to question shady logic. “No facts”? Or maybe you’re upset these people are on to something. Ta ta!

            • satan you already know that people have been wasting time “trying” to tarnish her image for years just because they never got whatever they want from her and thats probably one of the reasons why she isnt breathing right now. There will be a movie in theaters that obtains all of the facts but its not going to happen until her mother fully controls the estate so ginger you might as well stop wasting your time replying to facts because everybody paying you no mind

            • @Faye, no is trying to “tarnish” her name, stan. Truth reveals itself in due time. The truth hurts baby, deal with it. And if no one is paying me any mind. Then why did you bother to come back here to respond?

  2. I believe that! its obvious Aaliyah is a sweetheart type that dont mind dating but she will make a nigga wait for sex. facts

  3. None of you know the truth because neither of you know her personally. If you wasnt in her circle you have no proof what so ever,so there is no way no one should argue about her life,there are rumors about everyone,and if you are not personally in “HER” circle then you dont know shit about her,especially the fans,regardless what she says,no one really knows the truth but Aaliyah and the people who knew her personally. Aaliyah doesnt owe no one the truth when she was alive,if she did lie,it aint no ones business but AALIYAH’s. She didnt owe no fan no stan anythang personal about her life,quite frankly,singers or entertainers are just that:entertainers,thats it,they do not need to tell fans their personal lives,its none of our business,if rumors get around,O well.Everyone has shit said about them,get over it! and live your life.

  4. Bitch!!! Who. You. Talking. To. I. Will. Kill. All. You. Bitches!!!!! Dont. Ever. Dis. Her!!!!!

  5. everybody knows that Stacey Dash and Jennifer Lopez can CONFIRM that Aaliyah was not some easygoing tramp so just stop it with the trying to spread lies about Her. the only fact is that all of you are sick faggots that deserve to get tased down to the ground and stomped out with all your skin scraped off of your infected bodies

  6. Don’t really want to put the dead down, Aaliyah was no angel, hooking up with R. Kelly more than proves that.But she was talented, and would probably be in Beyonce’s spot had she lived.Possibly beyond.

    • Highly doubt that. She wasn’t much in the voice department but she could act and dance very well, 2 things beyonce fails to do every time.

  7. What you all fail to realize is that Aaliyah was not messing with Jay Z or Damon Dash. She hung around them yes because they were all industry people and that’s what industry ppl do is hang out with each other and get ppl to talk about them because it helps their album sales. Aaliyah was a lesbian but wasn’t able to be open about her sexuality because most of America and the black community is extremely homophobic. She’s wasn’t a hoe like many of you are accusing her to be. She was simply just a girl from Detroit trying to make it in Hollywood. Unfortunately she lost her life way too soon and is missed by all that loved her.

    • @Maura,

      I firmly dispute a portion of your comment but not all in it’s entirety.

      Knowing what & who all I know I’d tend to agree with you in the fact that Aaliyah liked girls or a better way to say it may be that “she enjoyed & engaged in having sex with girls.” I was always under the impression Missy Elliott was the one who “introduced her to that” but I later learned that she was well aware & willing by the time she got around Missy & other industry lesbians as Missy was NOT the only one.

      Where I tend to disagree with you at is the notion Aaliyah was “just friends” with Dame, Jay & a whole host of others in & out the industry. THAT just isn’t true & somewhere ^^^above^^^ in this very article I’m sure I discussed this issue in a tiny bit more detail. This is a big part of why her family didn’t want or agree to any movies being made about her life. There are MANY issues & truths they knew would be shocking if told & clearly place a very negative light on THEM in addition to tarnishing Aaliyah’s underserving angelic image.

      I only commented to you because I HONESTLY would love to see Aaliyah & her memory, good &/or bad be put to rest for once & for all allowing time & space for only her music which most people loved so much to live on in a great timeless fashion.

      • Aaliyah was not messing with Damon Damon was f*cking her white French model friend and Aaliyah was f*cking his cousin Stacey Dash! Aaliyah only dated feminine women ever since high school so she def wasn’t messing with Missy. Her ex girlfriend from high school was named Geoye who still lives in Michigan. Aaliyah was also dating Kidada Quicy Jones daughter and it is well known that Kidada is bisexual.

        • Lisa,

          Let’s all agree you’re RIGHT. One of Kidada’s father’s companies is a client of mine so having said this…I will not be commenting on her.

          What I want to say is…
          It would be nice to simply let Aaliyah & her image & memory whatever it is just rest. THIS IS PART OF WHY HER FAMILY DIDNT WANT ANY MOVIES MADE DEPICTING HER LIFE.

          Thank you for sharing this detail with us.

          • Are you saying that we should not discuss Aaliyah at all. She was very private about her life for obvious reasons but her fans are always going to discuss her even if she’s gone.

          • What doesn’t come out in the wash will come out in the rinse. For many years something was off putting about Aaliyah. Though I enjoyed her music, her character spoke something different and I couldn’t put my finger on it. And it’s not just the whole R. Kelly incident, but after the fact.

  8. I agree but um for the other dude aaliyah could caring a note and can sing with straining her voice first of all A COMES BEFORE B and YALL TALKING HOW GREAT KING BEY IS, LETS TALK THE PORTION OF HER CAREER HER FATHER DID NOT MANAGE

  9. Her parents are the blame for pumping her head up if any of this is true, the scripture teaches us to train up our children so, if they let her go out maybe they were thinking about money themselves, plus we don’t know what she went though or what she did, these are just rumors, Just like when we pass some family members will be spreading garbage on us just because someone said you did something doesn’t make it true, a rumor is like a tree you water it and it grows and grows, which means the prettier you are the more the hate or want to corrupt you because the see your potential and talent because they know the game and prey on you.

  10. Her parents are the blame for pumping her head up if any of this is true, the scripture teaches us to train up our children so, if they let her go out maybe they were thinking about money themselves, plus we don’t know what she went though or what she did, these are just rumors, Just like when we pass some family members will be spreading garbage on us just because someone said you did something doesn’t make it true, a rumor is like a tree you water it and it grows and grows, which means the prettier you are the more the hate or want to corrupt you because the see your potential and talent because they know the game and prey on you.

  11. A was bisexual you idiot !
    Ask some girls she went to highschool with and you Will know…

  12. Aaliyah would have been on top she would have passed beyonce shit there wouldn't even be a damn beyonce and bad y'all trying to make this girl seem like some type of hoe but how in the hell did beyonce make it to the top so fast right after Aaliyah death ?

    • Beyoncé was always the most liked in Destiny’s child. As a solo artist, everyone instantly fell for her and her music. i love Aaliyah, but she did nothing for Beyoncé’s career same that Beyoncé did nothing for Aaliyah ‘she career. You’re just a dumbass pressed hater.

  13. I'm really appalled to see things like this being written about Aaliyah years after her death. People talking about her and making rumors about her like they actually knew her. All y'all doing is making pointless assumptions about a person who passed away and if was here could care less about what you are saying about her. Aaliyah to me appeared to be a sweet, genuine and down to earth person with class and dignity and people who knew her validated that. R.I.P Aaliyah

  14. Someone is just hating, even if she was lesbian it wouldn't matter and shouldn't matter it should be about the music, RIP AALIYAH

  15. You must not know the woman Damon dash is hugged up with in the picture is his cousin Stacey dash….

    • The woman sitting on his lap and that he’s standing holding is Aaliyah, not Stacy.

  16. u ppl doesn’t have any emotions nor rescept 4 AALIYAH MOM. all u STUPIDASS MUTHAFUCKERS r sayin’ that AALIYAH was gay ur just plain FUCKING STUPID! AALIYAH WAS LOVED BY TRILLIONS OF WOMEN, MEN & KIDS from around the WORLD so STOP THIS SHIT ABOUT HER begin gay. yes missy has a hard up love-crush 4 AALIYAH she eaten out AALIYAH vagina 100 times more but AALIYAH DIDN’T DO HER! I LOVE THE BEAUTIFUL AALIYAH RIP BABYGIRL!

  17. Why do u people trash Aaliyah? A. is mentioned in the song “Vibe” by R. Kelly. The song is about sex. A. was 12 years old when that song was written. This is disgusting!!! This smells like sexual absuse of a minor without shame. A. was than already hanging around R. Kelly. You can fill the rest in for yourself. This is not the fault of a 12 year old! Where were the parents?? Uncle?? Maybe she was an opportunist as an adult?? I just feel for this little girl. If she was my daughter I’d finish these molestors off. She died aug 2001. The R Kelly pedofilie case started 6 months later?? People think….I hope she is so somewhere having a Mojito with PAC. Dead or alive…slept with many men or not….Bless her?? And if I could do anything in my power to prevent her from hurt….I would do it within a heartbeat….People think before you broadcast your hars words&conviction….Btw, I am not a fan but a proctector&fighter 4 Human Rights….Bless Up??

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