Kevin Garnett’s Smash For Cash ‘Lady Luck’ Prostitute Named!!!!


HSK Exclusive – We’ve learned the identity of the Toronto prostitute who Kevin Garnett is reported to have paid big buck$ to smash, during the Canadian city’s Caribana/Carnival bash.


She goes by the street name, ‘Lisa Raw’ — and, not surprisingly, she refers to Mona ‘Lady Luck’ Halem [aka ‘Toronto’s Heidi Fliess’] as her ‘partner in crime’. Know why? Because sources tell us Lisa Raw is the head bitch of Mona Halem’s stable!


Now, it looks like Lisa Raw may have not only been long plotting to land basketball wife status, but also to get into Kevin Garnett’s specific pockets! That’s because back in June, Lisa Raw tweeted a video of KG alongside the caption “LOL”.

Check it: