Golden State Warriors Blow Off the White House to Chill With Obama


    golden state warriors obama trump

    While in D.C. for a matchup against the Washington Wizards, the entire Golden State Warriors team bypassed the White House and opted to meet with Barack Obama before their game instead.

    The players and the former president posed for a picture at his Washington D.C., and Kevin Durant told the press afterward that his meeting with #44 was “amazing.”

    Draymond Green described it as a “private team meeting, team event, it was good.”

    This isn’t the first time the Warriors gave the middle finger to the White House. They also refused to visit after winning the NBA Championship in 2017, with Durant telling TMZ, “We don’t f**k with [Trump].”


      • Barry needs to help KKKamala load her black card. She is getting destroyed by Mechee X and the rest of the black people on Youtube.

    1. Interesting that Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama has been silent ever since KKKamala Harris announced she is running for President.

    2. Who gives a damn about some athletes. Trump opened the government for the working class to file their taxes. Get your mind right people!

      • For 3 weeks economy collapse coming damn taxes t Brady and Steph curry play for the same team so does Obama and Trump they are part of the elite

      • 100% correct. Tell that to these white trash hillbillies who assume Drumpf is making America great again!

      • Right….pro athletes -entertainers are some of the biggest hypocrites on earth.Their benefiting off trump tax plan yet bash him,like what someone said,it wouldn’t surprise me if the majority of pro athletes and ALL of the warriors are republican and friends of trump phony candyazz’s

        • Keep Dreaming…the Main One benefiting from his Tax Plan is Him.

          He made sure to have his people put in caveats regarding Real Estate.

    3. Fact: Next year the Golden State Warriors are moving out of Oakland (Black) and moving to San Francisco (White/Gay)


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