Future’s Alleged 6th Baby Mama: He Never Wanted His Kids!


    future kids

    Future’s alleged sixth baby mama, Eliza Reign, put the rapper on blast during an Instagram Live session.

    According to Eliza, Future never wanted ANY of kids….

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    😩 Lawd

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    1. If he didn’t want kids he should have gotten vasectomy, use condoms, invest in Plan B, and show some type of self control and accountability…He’s nothing but a sperm slinging stereotypical nigga and the females that are dumb enough to get pregnant by him deserve what ever drama they sign up for.

    2. Then Bihhhhhhh……….Why Did Your A** Knowingly F**k Him & Get Pregnant By Him?

      Trying To Act Like Your Thirsty A** Is So Bothered By The Questions…….Telling Someone To Do The Research & Read A Book.

      #THE NERVE!!

    3. Eliza better be paying attention to what he’s saying. If you ever have a child from this man, he will feel the same way about your child. Run, slore, run!

    4. Girl please, who are you trying to school?
      Your dumb ass should have ran away from Future, but naw you want those checks too.
      Dumb bitch bringing a child in the world knowing he don’t spend time with the 5 he now has
      What happened to birth control? Too busy buying hair to pay for your pills…
      Ignorant Bitch

    5. Black hoodrat plan get prwgnant by famous guy any famous guy

      Live off checks and other government benefits

    6. Blame women who thinks his stank ass is sex symbol. FUTURE IS NOT A SEX SYMBOL BITCHES, I REPEAT FUTURE IS NOT A SEX SYMBOL BITCHES!!!

    7. Anybody with money can get pussy look at these ugly ass motherphukkers
      Flavor flav
      Crunchy black
      Erik sermon
      Faizon love
      Biz markie
      Jay z
      Kodak black
      Chief keef
      Mike tyson
      Bushwick bill

    8. Ugly ass muthaphukkers wearing grills lol

      And women loved it long as they was popping on the charts

      Oh yeah i forgot that ugly ass wayne clone young thug

      When ugly ass dudes think they can become pretty bitches

      Ask kaitlyn jenner amazon looking ass

      Bruce is a translesbian

    9. Future is making all these babies to hide his true nature. Let us never forget…MONICA DIVORCED ROCCO CAUSE SHE CAUGHT HIM IN THE BED WITH FUTURE! These young ladies are so dumb. It will never be about you or your child. Have a seat.

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