Floyd Mayweather Explains Why the Gucci Boycott Is Dumb


    floyd mayweather gucci boycott

    Floyd Mayweather received criticism for continuing to support Gucci after the brand was slammed for selling a “blackface sweater.” Now, Floyd is explaining his decision, as well as voicing his opinion on why celebs who called for a 3 month Gucci boycott are dumb.

    Click the arrows on the picture to read his statement:

    Do you agree?


    1. Now……If that wasn’t a well thought out and articulate synopsis!!!!!!! It just leaves me wondering…………..

      • I buy whatever I want.. I don’t have time to be looking at who made what.. that’s the last thing on my mind..

    2. this nigga can’t even read the word Gucci I don’t take anything he says seriously. He must be proud of himself acting like he wrote that ????

    3. Some body else wrote that for his dumb ass …and he is making some sense…but it loses it value because it coming out his mouth…like homie ” u don’t care about the blk community either” your just bold enough to not fake it….he just calling them out on being fake like them….

    4. Here is the deal. When a black man or woman buys Gucci, Prada or Moncler, they will take your money, but they are calling you a n***er. In conclusion, Gucci is calling Mayweather a n***er and he is too stupid to realize it! #BuyBlack

    5. He’s 100% right.

      He ain’t playing hypocrite.

      T.I.’s been spending 7 figures on Gucci for years but wants to pretend like he didn’t know they’re racist?

      Tell Gucci to change his name to Fubu Mane and Rick Ross to switch his daughter’s name from Hermes to Olubafumi since you’re so pro-black ??


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