Dwyane Wade Blasted By Black Men for Son’s Sashay Down the Runway


    dwyane wade son runway

    Dwyane Wade’s son was strutting his stuff down a runway for a fashion show. The baller is now being blasted by black men for allowing his son to be so “effeminate.”



    1. Black fathers must prepare their sons for the real world. Strutting down a runway is not how you raise a black male child.

      • Dwayne Wade worked to keep their biological mother, his ex-wife, out of their boys’ lives, put Gabby in the “mother role”, and now look at what happens. But, Jacky had on another one of his posts (years ago), about Dwayne, Gabby, & latino trannies (which Dwayne Wade has a fetish for & Gabby helped to push it along).

    2. Chile he kilt it. He walk better than 90% of women models. Obviously this is just him, nidiby taught him 2 do that..he did it on his own

      • Uh NO…these Children are surrounded by images of rupaul, drag queens, trans kidz and all other types of Faggotry…

        If you haven’t noticed practically every celeb has a gay/trans child…that is NOT a coincidence…The Agenda is REAL.

    3. His children are demonic like him they have thier father spriit look at r Kelly he’s a rapists and molester hus daughter cones out transgender no coincidence it’s in the bloodline if the father is wicked the kids will be too because he’s the head and plus Dwayne us doing rituals with his kids like will Smith kissing Jaden and williow wanting to be a boy

      • Don’t Blame these Children for what their parents Do!

        The Parents are the ones who sign their Soul away…the children are pawns in the Game!

        Kell-Pedo’s Daughter is more than likely that way because of whatever he DID to her &/or let Others do growing up whether she can remember it or Not…NONE of it was Her Fault and she is Now Confused because of it! It is time for this world and it’s sickness to be over.

    4. American Government has a mission; effeminize young black boys. Who is leading this satanic homo agenda? Your favorite former President Barack Obama/Barry Sotero.

      • You are a Fucking IDIOT!!!!

        This Agenda was Started WAAAYYYYY Before that Dude and would have passed NO MATTER who was in Office, because the SUPREME COURT made the Decision…You DUMB BITCH!

        • You seem to be obsessed with NBA. Get a life asshole. He’s right, Obama is leading the charge. Sure it may have started long ago but Obama is the tool they’ve used effectively to effeminize black males GLOBALLY, not just in the United States. His administration made it a point not to give aid to African countries unless they were OK with homosexuality. During and after his administration, we see more homosexuality on TV and movies. Demonic activity has spiked coz of him. Barack Obama is a disciple of Satan

          • And that’s a shame since these African countries have helped the Silicon Valley make millions of dollars, helped Apple and Steve Jobs make his billions. How quickly america forgets…….

            • @anon05:33 but that’s America’s attitude towards black people, they just extract our resources, but want black people gone. That’s why they throw all those diseases to Africa and infect black Americans with AIDS

          • And You are Obsessed with Me…so Take Your Own Advice, You Ignorant Bitch.

            FYI, I didn’t Read what You wrote, because Anything You say isn’t Worth the Dog Shit on Your Shoe…Stank Ass Rat.

        • Yeah. Obama’s administration, did open the door for this faggot shit. I’m glad i was out the military before he pushed that transgender shit.

    5. Honestly it is odd that most of celebrities children turn out fucked up. They are either gay, do heavy drugs, or commit suicide. While we talking about that pervert R Kelly they need to investigate on celebrities and their children because seems like they are being exposed to some crazy shit.

    6. If he wants to support his gay son, fine. He’s your son.

      But do not allow your son to act like that. Some of that is natural like the high voice or some mannerisms, but the other stuff is learned. There’s no reason to allow that.

      • No one is born gay…any child who is sexual has been groomed by someone older.

        I wish You people would stop believing that lie.

    7. Dwayne himself wore clothes that was questionable himself plus gabrielle likes eatong his ass

      Sorry if a man enjoys that. Too much it leads to other things going in his ass
      Ask kanye betcha kim use her dildo with him

    8. The problem isn’t if the kid is gay or has some feminine mannerisms, it’s this tranny **** his father is supporting and encouraging.

        • No. Regardless of your beliefs, you need to let that go. There’s diseases out here. All that bullshit you’re talking about is why there’s downlows. It’s probably why there’s more trannies. They’d rather put a dress on than just be a gay man. I don’t know about you, but the tranny **** is disgusting, and white people are making your child’s school teach them to be a tranny. Think about that.

          Let that kid be who he is. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to be a whole tranny. His father should not support his son turning into EJ Johnson.

          • Wake Up Dumb Fuck…

            None of what I said is the reason for the BS going in or here.

            There is no point in talking sense to a BrainWaheed Puppet, who doesn’t know or understand there is a Deeper Agenda being played out here…

            NO HUMAN BEING IS BORN GAY… Idiot. That is a lie they have fed you to make you accept and defend ALL this Fuckery…πŸ™„

    9. its not just black males, all makes are turning into fagg,ots. this garbage fagg,ot society that we live in wants to turn all men into gays. its not normal its not ok and if this continues believe me the more masculine elemnts of our world will rise up and crush these forces that infecting children all over with this garbage. Sham eon you Dwayne wade you f,ucking fag,got for allowing your son to one day take it up the ass. piece of garbage that you are.

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