Dwight Howard Exposed by Alleged Gay Lover


    dwight howard gay boyfriend

    A gay man who goes by the name of Masin Elijè is blasting NBA star Dwight Howard for allegedly being bisexual!

    Masin claims he and Dwight had a relationship, which abruptly came to an end when Masin found out Dwight was allegedly sleeping with another transgender woman and was allegedly having unprotected sex at the transgender’s sex parties and orgies. Masin also has recorded phone conversations between him and Dwight!

    After their relationship went sour, Dwight’s pastor allegedly began to harass Masin and allegedly threatened his life. Here’s the tea:

    Masin says he’s now afraid for his life and he has already contacted the police.


    1. If u get turned on by another man sucking ur d***. U r GAY. If u get turned on by hairy balls…U r GAY. If U get turned on sucking d****..U r GAY. If get turned on back dooring another man or visa-vera, u r GAY. No such thing as bisexual.

      • Some dudes in positions of power usually get turn on but humiliating or violating men. Thats why historically leaders of men were either bisexual or gay. Like during slavery when the arab or white master would fu*ck the black man and make him his b*tch. It turned then on

        • guess what, it had nothing to do with having power over the next person. He genuinely liked lil dude. stop making excuses for his homosexuality.

          • I am no saying he doesnt like men. What i am saying is that he loves the power of being able to control people whether it is impregnanting women at will or tearing a anothers mans ass.

              • no africa and carribeans arent developed so shit like that is sporadic

                developed countries=sodomy and gomorrah

                Black americans = 33% of lgtbqr community = sodomites

                • Your Ass was torn out hamite and the same shit has been going on since the man was created…

                • white men been gay and into animals since the begining og time. yall nasty asf. carry all the diseases too. Pedo creepy sodomites inbred WHITE man

              • @Anon 07: 27 Whenever blacks are near whites they adopt the white mans sodomite and pedophillia lifestyles. Thats cultural approporiation. Get back to your african culture and ban gays

                • We aren’t afriKKKAnt Bitch, you all are some of the worst when it comes to raping~selling children/boys.

    2. Damn this man had receipts on receipts! Drag his dirty ass!! Dwight the dumbass fucking trannies and with no condom at that ? I feel bad for whatever woman slept with him.

    3. 1. If you bang those shims, you’re nasty. Be gay if you want, but that other stuff is nasty af.
      2. Atlanta.
      3. Black folk need to fall back with homophobia because that’s why this grown man is probably dealing with THAT and possibly spreading diseases to women.
      4. ill, man.

    4. One tranny upset that other trannies were trying to take his meal ticket.

      That’s all this is.

      Now none of them get to eat.

    5. Honey……Honey……..Honey……….Where’s MS.ROYCE when you need her? This TEA is TOO STRONG!!!!!!!!

    6. Next thing you know, he’s going to be suddenly straight, married with kids. Another cover up of the rich and depraved.

    7. These trannies getting bold these days they don’t mind exposing you

      Young buck, Bobby Valentino, mister cee, man the old days of silence are over

      Everybody got a story to tell

    8. Weird how women will disparage a black man for being gay but have a gay black friend they couldnt live without. Women love effeminate gay men because its gives them a claim of superiority and kinship. They just hate men who are masculine but bisexual

      • Don’t be mad because you are confused about your sexuality after being raped and can’t figure out how to deal with it.

    9. I clare………they can pass for brother and sister!!!!!!! I guess if they give you enough d*ck you start looking like the d*ck giver. Strange!!!!!!!!!÷÷

    10. This fag has tried to expose a rapper before and failed.. looks like another try at clout chasing. Do your homework people


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