Drunk Dave Chappelle Calls Daniel Caesar Gay to His Face!


    dave chappelle daniel caesar gay

    Dave Chappelle appeared on John Mayer’s Instagram Live, and when the celeb duo introduced Toronto artist Daniel Caesar, Dave, who was drunk AF, called him “very gay!”

    Daniel was offende, but watch the video to see how he confronted the comedian.


      • I was thinking the same thing. He’s a racist piece of shit. But another thing that’s very concerning for me is, why do black p like hanging with white people like John who will never defend them when their fellow whites start attacking them. Like when Dave stepped out of the spotlight & he was being called crazy, did you hear any of his white ‘friends’ defend him? Whites aren’t loyal, they’re fair weather at best

    1. That is the fake Dave they killed the real Dave Dave voice was never deep this cloned Dave is not funny you see something bus off about this clone

    2. And you see why black celebrities aren’t concerned with black issues because these are the majority of the people ‘they give’ their time to! Could care less about our black asses!


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