Drake Spotted With New 18-Year-Old Girlfriend


    drake bella b harris

    Drake was spotted boo’d up with his new girlfriend, 18-year-old model, Bella B Harris.

    The two arrived separately at a Washington D.C. restaurant and left separately.

    Bella has been proclaiming her love for Drizzy since the summer, but everyone thought she was just a fan.

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    no place I’d rather be ?

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    What do you think? Is she his type?


    1. Wtf This “taking my gf to Chuck E Cheese” ass beige bish
      Girlfriend just got the training wheels off ass beige bish
      Weird ass R Kelly ass beige bish

      This is a whole L.

      Her parents must be ratchet or broke. Are they blatino? Selling their daughter to old greasy men. Horu take the wheel.

    2. Her father is Jimmy Jam!!!! I know he must be pissed right now to see his daughter dating Drake This Nigga would stick his dick in a toilet if it felt good!!!

    3. It will be over by October maybe sooner. Drake lost all his appeal after he impregnated that Ugly thot ??‍♀️

    4. She’s very basic looking and in some pics not even cute. But she’s light skin so people will say she’s gorgeous. All the good looking women in Hollyweird have turned Drake down so I guess he has settle.

    5. Time flies. Jimmy Jelly would have been producing Drizzo back in the day – now his daughter is up in a social media mix. smh

    6. ill take ANON 6:49 and ANON 1302 is the same woman for $1000. so dammm angry? she was chosen for a reason. u were not chosen for a reason. that’s it

    7. Just because he met with her they date? maybe he’s trying to recruit or start her singing or rapping career….but..grass on the field ? play ball! fine as hell


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