Drake Flexes His Private Plane, But Is It Really His?


    drake private plane

    Drake just showed off his brand new private plane, Air Drake, that’s being built and customized for him. The giant 767 has two bedrooms, a bunch of couches to relax in-flight, and the rapper’s praying hands logo on the tail of the plane.

    People are questioning whether it’s really Drake’s plane, and he makes it very clear in this video. “No rental, no timeshare, no co-owners,” he says.


    Sources estimate the jet costs between $75 million to $100 million.

    Congrats, Papi!


    1. That type of jet is for billionaires…upkeep around 5-10 million a year. He better hope he can keep the money flowing to maintain it..but then again hes a jhew so he got a good loan im sure

        • Umm Drake can role out of his bed go do a real round yr concert tour and make over 100 million and we haven’t even touched on his Clothing store line with his gazillion other ventures which are Alcohol, online gaming & casino etc.. He makes millions by the minute with his music streams deals, he doesn’t have to make another song since his Music catalog is insane.
          I luv how some of you clowns acting like you are his accountant and knows whats in his pocket( go worry about your own) . Various calculations have his net worth at over 450 million and counting since many online sites have ZERO clues what these celebs make since they are NOT their bookkeepers.

          • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 And what percentage does HE get from all of that AFTER he pays ALL the people responsible for his success and deals, AND pays taxes? AND pays hush money, settlements, lawsuits, and etc. AND pays artists with influence to stop pointing out how wack he is.

            Many of those deals are not him investing with his own money. It’s the label. Regardless, the money made in those deals isn’t some great investment usually. It sounds better on paper than the reality of earnings.

            Doing a tour like that, and promotion, costs money, especially since artists nowadays are totally propped up by PAYOLA and purchased popularity. A lot of tickets to his shows are given away.

            This phony plane purchase is a part of promoting him and making him look bigger than he is. The label is probably bankrolling this stunt.

            • Cost him nothing it’s sponsored from air cargo airlines out of Canada . If he had to pay for it then no he couldn’t afford .


          • See, people like you are why he can get away with that bs. We all know how much he makes in total, there’s cost to make that. He could make 100 million and take home 30 before taxes. He’ll still pay an effective tax rate of 14-18% on that. He’s not a billionaire and worse people like you think that’s a cool thing to buy. Real money people think of everything in terms of staying rich. That payment will make him singing “no sickdays”. If he’s really smart he’s getting paid to promote the company like Jay and the Nets. Go to business school, not the ones on tv during judge Judy.

    2. Riddle me this…Wasn’t Weezy the one who signed this Bitch? Yet that Nig is Broke and had to have another Nig pay his tax bill…

      So the Real Question is who is this MF Sucking & Fucking for this Pay-Off… because he, his music or brand isn’t worth what he is “supposedly” shelling out for a from the ground built home, closets full of purses and other shit he claims is for the woman he winds up with (I am guessing he secretly uses all this shit on his “dates”) and definitely this 100 mil dollar plane…HE must Give the Best Brain, among other things, in the industry…because nothing about how he is affording all this Shit makes sense.

    3. If that were his his sorry ass would have $0 to his name everybody knows Drake lies more than bow wow

      • You are not going to get away with that HATERADE take , (Drake lies more than Bow wow) … where… when ?????/// . post these instance and times if not go eat a DlCK.

    4. Some mfs negativity commenting can’t even afford to ride a regular airplane though ! He literally makes money while he’s asleep I’m sure he can afford it

    5. A 767 holds between 16,000-24,000 Gallons of Gas, plus pilot, plus upkeep, plus the actual cost of the plane with upgrades and the air drake paint job….Also where is he parking it? I don’t think he can afford it off just rap…Maybe he got something popping in canada that’s under the radar? Other than than prob a joint business venture…..If he can afford it I ain’t hating thats my dream to but I will fly mine myself! (ladies n gents that is Freedom)

      • That Shit is Def Not his Alone…and he Damn sure doesn’t have enough “invested” anywhere to afford it Outright…All this so-called amassed wealth is only real on paper.

        The reality is NONE of these fools are worth what they put out in the press…NONE of them.

    6. He might own it, but he better hope his “partners” maintain it…because like someone else said there is nothing cheap about owning that size of plane and if he can’t keep it up he will have to sell it or give it up at some point…he would have been better off taking the $$…all assets aren’t good assets.

      • If he has any financial wisdom he’ll utilize it as a business expense. He can fraction it out for luxury rentals to other celebrities and wealthy people through luxury rentals, he could also invest in fuel or broker another deal to cover expenses. All else false rent it out to stunting people dumb enough to do photoshoots to lie on ig and social media for likes.

    7. Drake is a goof and an embarrassment to Canada, just as Justin Bieber is. Thank you America for creating these twats


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