Drake Beefs Up Home Security Amid Kanye Feud


    drake kanye security feud

    Following his feud with Kanye West, Drake has reportedly added extra security around his Hidden Hills, Calif. mansion.

    Sources say Drizzy now has at least 2 new guards standing outside the gate to his driveway since he lives within a half-mile on Kanye. There’s also an SUV stationed inside Drake’s front gate…just in case.

    Is Drake doing the most?


    1. Why do these celebs move all the way to the dry azz valley? All that money and nobody tells them where the real LA Beach areas are. Lol wtf…. Who tf moves to hidden hills? Stupid! Might as well move to Arizona.

    2. If you’re a so called gangsta rapper beefing with Kanye let along adding extra security then Drake that answers all the street cred questions i had about you. Beanie Sigel called Kanye gay and kept it moving. Drake and Travis Scott actually beefing with him. That’s why I don’t listen to these new niggas lol.

    3. I understand why drake did this… He’s drake…. if i was the top nigga right now best believe security will get a raise …. i miss the old kanye the “jesus walks” kanye

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    5. I believe that Drake lives in a cage, a cage with golden bars. All this money and he is still a broke man at heart.


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