DJ Vlad Wonders Why Boosie Only Has Kids With Black Women


    boosie dj vlad black women

    DJ Vlad seemed all sorts of confused as Boosie explained to him that he only had children with black women.

    Vlad kept trying to figure out why Boosie hadn’t knocked up a “bad” white woman at some point. Watch until the end to hear Boosie turn Vlad’s answer over to the Lord!

    Was Vlad out of line?


    1. VLAD has always been a tool of the enemy. I’m glad Rah Digga got him together a few weeks ago. His platform has purposely tried to set up a lot of the interviewees to look stupid.

    2. I kind of wonder the same thing as Vylad cause in louisana colorism runs deep…redbone, yellowbone and all sorts fetishizing of mixed race kids and being darksin i thought he would head that route

    3. Boosie could have gave him a real answer, but… industry politics

      Off camera he probably said, “Because your b**ches are wack af and look like men.”

      The cac was in disbelief because cacs are f**king delusional and believe their own propaganda. Plus the cac wanted to make more genocide propaganda. Shrimp d**k fish face CAC.

    4. Um, yeah he was and Maaaaane, that first pic speaks volumes ?!!!

      Everybody ain’t trying to fade they ink, FOH vlad!!!

    5. What a phuckd up discussion. Interviewer could have asked different questions than this!
      Maybe because B has such love for his own mother that he couldn’t imagine making babies with someone that wasn’t a mother representation to him.

    6. Damn shame we live in a world now where if a black man doesn’t want to have children by a black woman it is questioned. Not all black men want to be with white women. Vlad is fucking idiot

        • Should vlad be sued for this discriminatory content ? It’s rude and unacceptable. He would never ask a white person why they don’t have mixed race children. I see a legal complaint heading his way. Bc no one really signs up for racial abuse & derogatory racially charged interviews. Rap has got to do better with dealing with the business of rap.

        • They can talk on Corey Holcomb’s show, they can go on Tariq Nasheed’s show. These bottom of the barrel black stars appearing on DJ Vlad’s show is really a message that indicates that they want the attention from a white person.

    7. Boosie have children with BLACK WOMEN because that’s we he’s supposed to do instead of spreading his seeds among mutts.

    8. Vlad and lord Jamar be talking some gay stuff

      I been with white girls the sex ain’t to die for


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