Da Brat Refuses to Mute R Kelly


    da brat mute r kelly

    Da Brat was asked her thoughts about R. Kelly — someone she has worked with an considers a friend — and the rapper has doubts about the alleged victims.

    Not only did she presumed the women were lying, but Da Brat also thinks the alleged victims’ parents should take responsibility for their children being captured.



    1. Truth: that brotha needs help. Also truth: more than anybody else…it’s the parents’ fault that their daughters ended up as R Kelly’s victims.

      • If we’re honest, a lot of these underage girls with rich older men are served up to them by greedy, shameless parents.

        Kimora starting “dating” RuTHell THimmons at 14.
        Even Prince sadly was “introduced” to Mayte Garcia when she was 16. Brandy’s parents didn’t stop Wanya from dating their underage daughter. And everyone thought “Brokenhearted” was “cute.” Jay took Foxy “under his wing” at 15.

        At the end of the day, what do you say about it when it’s legal in most of the world, including here, for a 40 year old to sleep with a 16 year old.

        Malcolm X met his wife at 16.

        Most people don’t agree with it, but people are going to do what they do, especially when money is involved. It’s pretty common in some parts of the world for rich men or women to have teenage lovers. It’s pretty common in poorer neighborhoods for guys to “date” 16 and 17 year olds.

        And there’s a reason the laws are the way they are. The law makes a distinction between tender age children and teens. Even if we as a society tried to stop this, it would still happen.

    2. Off Topic: California Senator Kamala Harris has announced she will run for President. She won’t win.

        • I wouldn’t vote for any party esp dems their agenda is illegal immigrants and lgbt. Dems know black ppl will vote for them regardless so why do anything for us mho.”No matter who is in power,those who have not learned to do for themselves & depend on others never obtain any more rights then they had in the beginning” Carter G Woodson 1933

          • They also support H1B which is JUST as bad for us as illegals. H1B might be worse because they’re legally replacing skilled workers with barely skilled slaves. H1Bs are slaves. They’re not Indian immigrants. They’re slaves. There’s no shortage.

            And LGBT isn’t as much of a problem as trannies. Male trannies are attacking women’s rights and getting political support. Transgender should not be a protected group. They’re delusional like anorexics.

            • We fell for the Obama scam for eight straight years. Are we going to fall for the same scam twice? Are black people going to vote for a tragic mulatto who married a white man?

              • The moment Trump was elected, it was clear he was gonna be there for 8 years. Anyone thinking anything else is a clown.

                And putting a random Democrat in office won’t make things any better. If a friggin Republican is going to purge the country of Mexicans and Indians, that’s like some of the best results we’ve gotten out of the white house in years. No Democrat is gonna do that. Especially not a white dating, white-identified mulatto.

                Republicans are sh*t, but so are Dems. There’s no lesser of evils. White people are evil. You want change? Forget about elections and think about war.

                • All you Clowns talking that War shit are falling Right into the Elites=Devils Plan, Dumb Fucks…smh.

                • Fact: Kamala Harris married a white man.

                  Fact: Kamala Harris is a member of the black sorority that killed a black girl at Northwestern University. That sorority is Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA).

    3. No wonder her Bitch Ass has not been on that show…

      She must be getting roasted like the ? snout looking ass she is!

    4. Damn the Brat looks ugly as hell. This is more proof that light skin black women over 40 do not age well!

    5. This is what black women don’t understand, the attack on R Kelly is an attack on all black men. Michael Jackson, Prince, Boule Bill, Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson and Kevin Hart have been attacked by Amerikkka, the feminazis and the fourth branch of government; the media. Unfortunately too many black women are assisting white men and the feminazis in destroying successful black men. Yes R Kelly is a pedophile, but he is also a very rich and successful music artist. Amerikkka wants to destroy his life and legacy and take all of his money. Let me tell you something my beautiful sistas, if you continue to help the feminazis destroy R Kelly and other black men, those white bitches will eventually destroy you. If you don’t believe me, ask Halle Berry.

      • Black men need to be attacked. The destruction, mayhem, abuse and death they cause whilst begging on their knees for their ywhte daddies not to do to them/ the black man WHAT the black man has done to his own communities, including women, children and other men. HYPOCRITES.

      • Exactly…..white support their own even when they know they are wrong….I dont support R kelly behavior but ill be dam to knock him to make the white femisnist happy or who ever is behind the attack

        • Who Gives a Shit what They Do…Just STFU On the Matter if all you are doing is deflecting from the Truth.

    6. WE are ALL sinners. Our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother (more on her later) have set the standard by standing behind their earthly CHILDREN knowing full well we are ALL SINNERS. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone at Robert OR Shawneise

    7. Leave r Kelly alone. The age of consent in more than 30 states in the us is 16 years. Most girls I want to high schoool and middle school were under age and pregnant before graduation from older man. I messed around with older men at 14. U see some girl are more ready then other at that age. The early bloomers so what why put all the blame on r kelly. In Nigeria it’s ok to merry more than one woman They screw little girls as young as 11 years old. Get of r Kelly dick. And I’m a woman saying this

    8. 90 percent of pedos are elites white men in power engaging in sex trafficking and all kind of dispeakae acts. The pet ants 90 percent of all singers actors actresses were all aware their underage kids were being fucked. To name a few cris brown, lil Wayne , foxy brown, Justin dam near all the Disney kids who made it dam near Hollywood. Are ppl really buying that this shit is new and only r Kelly Fck young girls lolol

      • That is a lie. Black men and Asian men are the biggest paedophile. In most of Africa, India and the Middle East, it is still legal to marry/rape children. The black man calls it TRADITION whilst the so called ywhte devil says it’s against their laws. So tell me again….who is the devil?

      • Also 60% of black girls are raped or molested before the time they reach 18 years old. The men that have access to black children are black men. And lets not forget old, dirty, crusty perverted African/Black men are allowed to rape/marry children who are 9, 10, 11,….14, 15…. Yet I was told melanin makes black people morally superior to the ywhte devil….smh

        • Apperantly you watch to many the color purple….as its really not a black thing. It can happen to anyone don matter what color the skin. Im just sick a tired of the media coming for r kelly as if he’s the only one fucking young girls….they’re worst shit happening to kids such as sex traffacking, pedo rings etc…..its like a big epidemic yet the media wants to distract everyone acting like r kelly fucking young girls is new….and even than it doesnt even matter cause if he held a concert 80 percent of women will still suppsort him and ask him to pee on them.

          • And I am Tired of People like You Deflecting the Story…

            He is Getting EXACTLY What HE DESERVES, so DEAL WITH IT.

        • yes you were told correctly … having melanin is great…..but what dose that have to do with anything…hay we the original people like it or not so morally we cant be the best behave being that we thought the world everything they know real talk

      • 65,000 black children, mainly very young black girls go missing every year….sold into sex slave industry. Yet our KANGS/PROTECTORS have NEVER once organised a nationwide protest, riot or demanded that something be done. Yet 345 Black men are killed by cops and they want black women and children to be on the frontline fighting “FOR THEM ALONE”. Arse backwards.

        • And who do you think are kidnapping and forcing 65,000 blaxk children to become sex slaves. Black men are the ones that are selling black children yet they are the loudest ones to proclaim that the enslavement of the black man is a terrible thing….HYPOCRITES.

        • 65,000 black children are missing due to many things including ses slaves,organ harvesting, etc. so are whites, hispanics,indians etc. ….what you said is true but by design the kings and protectors are locked up and serving times. Trus they are not asking for women and children to protest…its much deeper so stop

          • That is a lie. Black men are the ones that are KIDNAPPING black children and selling them on. Nothing but modern day slave catchers. Nothing new at all. They have been selling their own for a very, very long time. R.Kelly is selling and raping black children and selling tapes of him raping children on the dark web. But it’s the CHILDREN or the parents fault???? SMH.

    9. @Anonymous @12:57, “90 percent of pedos are elites white men in power.” Black women have never protested against Harvey Weinstein or Jeffrey Epstein. Thousands of black women are protesting against R Kelly despite the fact he was found not guilty in the court of law. I guess black women have never heard of the law term “Double Jeopardy.” I guess black women are interested in helping the feminazis destroy a black man.

      • That is a lie. Black men have been raping children, both male and female, and continue to rape children at an atrocious rate. It’s the black man’s dirty secret that everyone knows. They love pointing the finger at white men who have laws to protect their children yet our KANGS have laws that give old, dirty, perverted men, LEGAL access for them to rape/marry black children.

    10. Look at all your so called successfully black men. JAY Z raped a 14-15 year old Foxy, Diddy raped a 13-14 year old, who later became his first baby mama, Russell Simmons raped a 14 year old Kimora, Marvin Gaye and Muhammad Ali raped children. Bambooty raped thousands of black boys and Farcoon defended Elijah, curses be upon him, and only rapists support or defend other rapists. I could go on for days….Yet the black man is morally superior than the so called devil…..smh.

      • Wait but cant women past puberty have kids. I remember in Japan its legal to have sex with women as young as 12. The basis is that as long as she can have kids its natural to engage in sex with them

    11. What the first commentator stated is the mindset of most black men. So who is the biggest pedos again. Black men were the first paedophiles, gays….And all other deviant behaviours including bestiality.

      • Lol you wish…..beastiality is legal is canada with the population of 90 whites. The gay thing are pushed by insecure white men not black. THis is not is the nature of a black men to be gay (not saying it doesnt happen). 99 percent of the catholic prist should be in jails because the stay fucking little boys. stop with your lies

        • They may be the biggest abusers of these acts now, but if we claim to be the first people on this Earth this person’s second sentence is correct.

          • Shut the fuck up, white faggot.

            You faggots literally lust after non-adult-looking bodies. You fill the media with women built like a 10 year old. You disgusting devils.

            • The Only Fag here is You…

              Gobbling on loser black male nuts and swallowing All their jizz… You woman hating Shit Bag.

    12. A spiritual public lynching of a black men propaganda coming from the white feminist or something bigger. As quite as it’s kept, many white famous men do the same and worst. A good example Elvis Presley met Priscilla Beaulieu when she was just 14 years old. Steven Tyler hooked up with Julia Holcomb when she was 16. Woody Allen banged his adopted daughter, Doug Hutchison married a 16-year-old, Celine Dion (12) and Rene Angelil (38), Luc Besson and Maïwenn Le Besco (15), Bill Wyman (47) and Mandy Smith (13) only to name a very few.The rest of the white celebrities will keep it a secret.


        So STOP Worrying about what they DO and Worry about Protecting Your Own You NON-RIGHTEOUS POS.

        • Muhammad Ali got away with it, so did Marvin, so did Prince, MJ, Diddy, Russell, Bambooty Faracoon, Elijah, Muhammed, so what is your point. it is well know that targets are forced to sit at the table with their Chester the molestor…..BRAVO the black man can and does the same bad things as the so called devil….are you proud that black men can also rape children. What an achievement….smh

          • Did they ALL DO Have Sex Rings BITCH?

            I wasn’t alive for everyone else’s Shit and If you were and did Nothing all that would Prove is ASSHOLES like YOU are a Part of the Fucking Problem …so Have Several Seats and Hold this L like this POS Pedo You are trying to Stand Up For…Better Yet Take Yourself Out so You can be Put Out of Your Misery.

            Since you obviously can’t Stand to See Hear and know the TRUTH.

      • So if we let black men tell it….they are innocent. They do not rape black children and because the so called devil does it then it is fair that the black man blessed with melanin, should be allowed to do what the devil does…..OXYMORONIC…..WE SEE YOU.

    13. No one said R kelly is right nor do i support that kind of behavior but i can see bullshit when i see it. since when the fuck is life time concern about where a black men is putting his dick if he aint fucking a becky?? THats why this feels like the me too movement. Mind your business lifetime and worry about what the white man is doing and blacks needs to stop saying what whity wants to hear and read between the lines cause the white feminist can give 2 fucks about black women

      • What about it is BS, Just because YOU don’t want to here it does NOT make it So…

        Just Kill Yo Self already and you won’t have to hear another word about it.

        • kill myself..Im no weaklin honey nor are you talking to a child because that’s what bullies say to weak kids.. only a devil would tell someone to commit suicide . It aint that serious.
          Life is great and I will leave it to the fullest lol

          • You are Weak to Not be able to Hear the truth without having to drag everyone else into the convo…

            And Obviously You aren’t if You can’t Deal with People Speaking about what happened to them…Fuck this POS Dude and People like you who want to bob and weave the Facts in this situation.

            He did it and needs to Rot in the Piss Pot Stew he created for Himself…and if you believe otherwise I stand By my Statement and You Should Kill Yo Self.

    14. Back.in the old days wasnt that many rich blacks or high profile blacks to take down

      Now that whiie folks are giving blacks more money and oppurtunities more blacks are becpming millionaires highly promoted

      Giving blacks millions of dollars giving tjem.access to white women and other nationalities women who woukdnt even.look at tjem.if theynwaa broke

      Give these stupid blacks a taste of white pussy as a means to control them then get dirt whethernits true or false then set them up taje their money

      R kelly does not own his publishing. Or masters

      They took everything from suge knight not that hes innocent

      They killed mj for his caralig andcthe beatles catalog

      They killed prince for his unreleased music bin

      They been owned whitneys catalog tjey was waiting fit her to die

    15. Jimi found out he was broke before he died soon as he built his studio he didnt live long enough to enjoy it now his stepsister owns his rights

      Pac found out he was broke before he was killed

      James brown kids are not getting royalties

      Aretha died and they dishonored her legacy by having ariana grande snowbunny ass sing natural woman wjen they coyld have gotten a qualified black singer to do it

      Soul and black.gospel is not arianas style

      • ariana grande is a great singer but most black folks dont even know this lil girl….and i hate it when blacks refer to white girls as snow bunnies …please stop it. Theyre not snow bunnies.
        R.I.P aretha. If i was part of your family, i would have never let them disrespect you like that.

    16. Just kidding…will never let no one pee on me….but he’s still the King of R&B next Arron Hall…lol

    17. The crackers are out in full force. Doesn’t change reality. They can lie all they want, but whites are demonic.

    18. Now they’re coming for Chris Brown with a phony allegation. He’s the second high profile black star to be accused of rape in France in like 2 years.

      Black male celebs need to stay away from these white demons. Seriously.

    19. To the above comment…

      As if I hadn’t already lost respect for this Bitch, knowing a known Special Ed Case agrees with the Bull Shit solidifies It!

    20. I watched as the punk ass evil one sent out his evil internet trolls to keep you thinking this is about Robert. I’ve got news for you, this is about what the evil one is doing worldwide… ttps://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/01/nigeria-finds-20000-kidnapped-girls-mali-190123144037367.html

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