Cam’Ron Is Tired of Thots With This Headboard


    camron tufted headboard thot

    Cam’ron gave out a PSA to all the ‘thots’ who have this headboard style in their bedroom.

    Peep the video:

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    Please and thank you ??

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    Do you agree with him?


    1. He needs to stfu like he doesn’t mess with thots. These niggas love talking shit about them but will always sleep with them and do an actual good woman wrong.

      • This the same Nigga that will be trynna DM a thot, but then calling out Thots on his post smh What he needs to promote is Niggaz and their simping.. if they stopped simping and focus on good women rather thots then perhaps all these thots will actually fix themselves or better themselves.

    2. WELL Camron………..How many thots do you know? And if you know more than two that’s makes you the biggest thot out of them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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