Bow Wow Wants to Know How Instagram Models Pay for Trips


    bow wow ig models 2

    Bow Wow has a lot on his mind this holiday weekend. The rapper took to his Instagram to ask who pays for Instagram models to travel the world.

    Who do you think he’s talking about?

    bow wow ig models

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    Quick Trip 🌴 Swim: @fashionnova

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    Is he trying to get put on?


    1. Sounds like Shad is upset that is coins aren’t right.

      We all know how they are paying for those trips.

    2. First, I don’t support what those women do at all.

      But, he needs to sit his zesty behind down somewhere and worry about his “acting” career.

      Only a gay dude would be pressed about this. They’re mad jealous of women.

      Don’t worry Shad, you’ll find a rich husband. 🤣 Maybe Omarion is still feeling you.

    3. Why don’t you ask them to teach you the game, instead of being jealous that you can’t snag a baller. 😂😂😂

    4. Honey if he don’t KNOW by now……….he’ll never KNOW……… Somebody needs to give him the manual so he can take notes and book him a trip before the summer ends!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. This little midget is not only jealous of women, he wants to be one! All these women are beautiful. They are not going to be your sugarmama because they don’t have to. They got it like that, you don’t. Stop hating on their plastic surgeries, wishing it was you who was traveling, and stop giving out beatdowns. Joei Chavis only used you to get a leg up in the world.

    6. I don’t think Chad is hating, I think he finally came to the realization that he was a simp all along.. this nigga was paying these instahookers and when one of those girls flipped and fucked him up thats when he finally came to the realization that they were using him, nigga please, you know fuck well you been paying these huxes for decades stop acting like you finally came to some senses n shiit, every nigga knows what these huxes are all about, posting trips and bags all over, pictures don’t pay enough for trips, obvious what they doing, just saying… TRICKING AINT EASY, well at least for bow wow it is!!!

      • He was paying them…to pretend they were sleeping with him and to not tell anyone about his boyfriends

        • Or maybe hes Looking back on his tricking ways…either way hes a 🤡 for that. If thats how you living keep it real wit yaself and chalk it up to the game🤷🏾‍♂️Its his own fault for looking for love in them bitches…

          Sidenote: these hoes just want a nigga to look like money. Just feed that illusion and send em back when u done…BBD beeeeen put us on to game fellas

    7. These new age rappers all about tricking and simping bragging about money and you got Drake bragging about spending thousands just to get a piece of ass i

      Glad I’m not rich or I’d do the same thing pay these women then when I’m done I get out


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