Bobby V’s TS Reima Houston Disputes His Claims of Extortion

Following the video of Bobby V. running near naked from a transexual s*x workers apartment, after failing to pay for services rendered,  he accused the s*x worker, Reima Houston, of trying to extort him .

Well, as you might expect, we have a case of ‘he said, he said’ because Reima denies the extortion claims.

Reima took to youtube with the following message:

“Bobby Valentino’s camp has released a article about extortion. I’m here to tell you that it’s all untrue and it’s false.”

“In fact unseen information that I have not yet provided will change the dynamics of the situation to allow people to know this is NOT a extortion case.”

Looks like Bobby V is in for a long ride with this one… Expect to see it coming to one of Mona’s shows sometime soon!


  1. Bobby V. hangs tight on video with a lot of suspect niggas…they’re all now implicated in this type of lifestyle. Also- this is a plague in our community and it means they’re winning. Wake up and get y’all fucking minds right.

  2. Bobby, do you need a PR team cause you running this straight into the ground. Just let it go, so we can let it go. Lol

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