Bobby V. Caught Stiffing Transgender Escort … for Services Received

A video, alleging to be of Bobby V. running away from a transgender s*xworkers apartment after failing to pay for the services he received, was published anonymously online today… In the video you see what you’re told is Bobby V., without his pants on, leaving quickly, while hiding his face, before running away down the hall way of a hotel/apartment.

Since then, Bobby V. has responded, but not with the denial you would expect, given that he had plenty of opportunity to claim it was NOT him.

Here’s what Bobby had to say in response:

The trans says she decided to put Bobby on blast because, she claims she had no choice after he refused to pay her for the services he received.


  1. Gross ????

    Why didn’t he deny it or was it him? He gave a vague reply of happiness but nothing about him not being the man ? running up the hall in the video.

    Suspicious behavior.

  2. Because that’s him. Stevie Wonder can see that’s him. GayLanta, the Mecca for gay blacks

  3. Like any girl?

    You a confused and disturbed man. No need to extort and expose this dookie plumber Valentino either,

  4. Bobby V. didn’t deny it. I’m convinced that every black man in hollywood is gay!

  5. Yyaaaaaaasssssss bitch yyyyyyaaaaaaaasaassssssss get cha coin since he trying to act unbothered by using the attention to promote his flop single like if its from.a major record label LMFAO trey songz is next! $ummer is far from ova dawling

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  9. Lol!! He can’t deny it, she probably got other receipts. If it wasn’t him, he’d be suing for defamation of character right now or at least denied it. But he know when he deny it, she gone come with more proof. lol disgusting!!! I knew he was gay though!

  10. Bobby V. should have kept his mouth shut like LL Cool J. Years ago, a tranny came out and admitted that he/she serviced LL on several occasions. Jacky broke the story, check the archives.

    • What LL was getting it in with trannies? Omg! He’s married too. These men are disgusting perverts. They need some holy water thrown on them to exorcise that perverted demon called lust!

      • Yes it’s true! Jacky Jasper broke the story. The tranny that LL was fucking was Toni Newman. LL stand for Ladyboy Lover!

      • all they need to do is call out the demon and cast it out in the name of Jesus and when they burp it’s gone.

      • now i see why these men dont want to be with women. because they want to be with men.

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