Blac Chyna & Soulja Boy Are ‘Officially Dating’


    soulja boy blac chyna

    Soulja Boy and Blac Chyna have been dating for more than a week, a source told TMZ. The relationship started “after each slid into the other’s DMs.”

    The two met for the first time at Sean Kingston’s L.A. penthouse, and the two have been “inseparable since the rendezvous.” Soulja Boy even filmed them getting mani-pedis

    We’re not sure what’s really going on because Soulja is still thirsting underneath his rumored girlfriend Tiona Fernan’s Instagram photos.

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    1. These women have no morals what so ever I think all the silicone leaked inside their brain. Beyond sad

    2. let me see bow bow, ray j, john legend, tyrese, jermain d, omarion, jay z, gucci man, drake, cris brown etc…thats the business. its funny all down low suspect are always paired up with thots,,,this relatioships are fack ..these nggas do not like women lol

    3. Gucci/Kerling stock went up after the boycott. All that soulja boy and TI crying made Gucci wealthier. I told ya luxury companies dont need to pander to blacks to be successful. Smdh

      • Whether I believe You or not doesn’t Matter…

        You Don’t Know Shit about how the economy works…Short Term gains do NOT equal long term success…You Dumb afriKKKoon Bitch.

        • Blacks account for 1 % of Gucci consumer base !!! Black Americans are worth only $3000 !!! Thats why they clown blacks… their main consumers are wealthy arabs asian and whites who can afford them

    4. This one here!!!!!!!!!! Wasn’t she having some fist-a-cuffs with another wannabe rapper? BC got more miles on her vajayjay than the Autobon!!!!!!!!


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