Blac Chyna Pushed Former Lover to the Brink of Suicide

blac chyna pilot jones suicide

Looks like Rob Kardashian wasn’t the only one of Chyna’s lovers who thought about ending his own life. Another man named Pilot Jones also says Chyna pushed him to the brink of suicide.

Chyna and Pilot dated right before she got pregnant by Rob. He says Chyna “ruined his life” after they broke up by posting his phone number online and outed his DL status.

“He began receiving a torrent of death threats. He says he had to move out of L.A. it got so bad. He also says Chyna outed him as bisexual and the situation became so intense he tried to commit suicide.”

He also says he’s not the first bi guy Chyna has dated.

He has since converted to Buddhism and is in a much better place.

Ummm… what’s her obsession with bi-sexual men? First Tyga, then Ferrari, and now Pilot???



  1. Bcuz she a dyke bitch when she wanna be too. Most strippers are gay and lesbos. Sounds like a bitter black build a whore, but then again maybe she found out he was suckin mo dick than she…

  2. She’s nasty as hell i could never be with a man that likes men as well as me. shit she could be a man herself for all we know! She’s to infatuated with bisexual guys. She knew tyga was fucking trannies and was still with him.

    • Makes sense that’s still nasty as hell god what won’t these women do for money!!!

        • Yeah but these men don’t have children as we know of and they aren’t well known.

          • So what, who on this earth has not done some shit they don’t want their children to know?

            Until you show me one flawless person outside of Yeshua you can miss me with the bull.

            • Relax it’s not that serious first off second off im glad I can say I haven’t done a damn thing I would be ashamed of having my children know! And third off I didn’t say everyone is perfect your an example so goodbye

              • LMAO. Oh I know you, you are that dumb fuck that does NOT know the difference between your and you’re…dude you are garbage and dumber than a box of rocks, so those are the things you don’t want your children to find out!

                But I am sure they already do! LOL…

  3. So he was trying to live the downlow life in secret and his charade was put in the open, as he should have lived… honestly. That’s not Chyna’s fault. She saved some poor girl from the misery that comes with dealing with dudes who live secret lives.

  4. These days you can’t use they ‘you are gay’ to get at people anymore. They have normalize the sexuality of LGBT folks so if you say “”You are bi”” I can say “so what buddy.” That’s everybody in entertainment.

    • Right! Obama has made it NO SHAME to be gay, drug addict, or a drug dealer. It became the norm under this evil man.

  5. Chyna is just like neyos wife they fuck men and trannies together; all couples in Hollywood do. Why do you think neyo is so in love? Because his wife is down with the program. So is ludacris submissive wife. Monica wasn’t down with that shit that’s why rocko got kicked to the curb she didn’t want to expose her children’s father though.

    • Yup. ALL of the wives of male celebrities are down with the program, as well as act as secondary handlers to their superstar husbands.

    • Like buddah can stop you from being gay and buddah was a drug addicted weirdo himself and buddah looked like he took it from the rear

    • Like buddah can stop you from being gay and buddah was a drug addicted weirdo himself and buddah looked like he took it from the rear and chyna like fuckint dudes in the ass

  6. Chyna’s a narcissist, and a sociopath. Most of the degenerates in Hollywood are. They all deserve each other. And any man that’s willing to date, and even wife a stripper is just asking for it.

    • it must take one sociopath bitch to know another.

      Why don’t you get a life you fucking sea hag, all you know how to do is talk shit about people who would not piss on you if you were on fire. Your life is trash.

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    • Well I think she’s a great nemesis for the K clan, then. They are all that you listed times 7 of them.

  7. Fuck rob he knew she was a whore she walked proudly proclaiming she was a whore with her dyke buddy amber rose wearing dresses. That said slut, bitch, ho and you tell me rob didn’t know

    She got a baby by tyga who’s bisexual straight from Birdman’s school if fags hell chyba might have fucjed baby, Wayne, and thuggee with a strap on

    Rob a idiot his dad was a simp Kris was fucking around on him with everybody then his stepdad as a tranny so rob had no proper male guidance except my dad was rich and I barely watched khloe and Lamar but I heard rob acted like he was fuckint both of therm

  8. Robert is no Saint hisself and he did act like Lamar was his husband.. Khole knew good and well he was on drugs and married him JB less than a month.. He lost everything, his career, his money and almost list his life. He said he also wanted to be a TV star, but at what price.. She was trying hard to cut him out of all his friends life, so she that they could control him. Chyna just did to Robert what his whoring sisters does to black men, use them for money and fame..Pot met skillet, they all plastic surgery build a whorer..

    • You said it all. They are getting a taste of their own medicine and they don’t like it. And yes, Khloe’s did not sell her caring act to me. Lamar was on the downslide and his involvement with her only accelerated his decline. Tristen will soon find out. Also Kim lives with her mama for fear Kanye will wake up one day and do her in.

      • I have no empathy for Tristen at all.. He’s has nothing but a build a whorer plastic surgery junkie.. She’s slept with so many black men it’s pathetic, if she was a black woman, they would be calling her a whorer, but they are considered socialites by the media.. Give me a break they are full blown SLUTS and trashy at their best.. They inky go after Black men, because they rule them with an iron fist and these dummies are falling all over themselves to be with her.. Slut and nothing else

      • Not gonna blame khloe for Lamar dying hell.he could have just left her alone and moved on he was pussywooped

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