Chyna’s Side Piece Has Meltdown Over Gay Rumors

chyna ferrari meltdown gay

After news broke that Chyna’s side piece Ferrari was getting freaky with gay men, he took to his Instagram live to address the rumors.

When his followers started asking him if he was gay, Ferrari went OFF and had a complete meltdown.

Peep the diva in action:

Is he lying?


  1. yeah he’s gay for pay and play play he better shut up before Milan cashes in those receipts!

  2. Hollywood can’t write better scripts this so why not sell the story for a movie or tv show

  3. I remember it was some other guy that ousted him anyway, why is he blaming Chyna. He also dropped naked pics of Chyna and now he’s all hurt for getting blowback.

  4. Oh well his life hes a male hooker he sell ass for money he’s in the right town if he wants to get paid selling ass chyna treating him like a ho

  5. Lol????I believe him, cause if he was this would definetly make every last one of his past lovers come out.

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